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The Fabric Maverick gives gift tips for Mother's Day!

May 4, 2009

Mother's Day is Sunday. I know I would love any one of these gifts. I hope that a certain someone is listening. If not, I will forward this article to them. It is not subtle, but very effective.

1. A gift certificate.  I do not consider gift certificates as impersonal. I will take one any day.

2. Moda's Sweets Box: This is two mini honeybuns and pattern instructions in an adorable pastry box. All you need is a ribbon. A box of chocolates would be a nice addition.

3. Sidewinder Portable Bobbin Winder.  This is perfect for anyone who sews.

4. Craft Books. I love books! I am happy just reading them without ever completing a project. We have some great new books such as the Heather Ross Weekend Sewing Book and French General: Home Sewn. For the mothers who are interested in the recycling movement, there is Sewing Green.

5. Craftmates Easy Stack Ribbon Rack Storage Box-  I love storage boxes. This is to store ribbon. My ribbon always end up in a jumble. Not a pretty sight.

6. My favorite book this year has been the Jelly Roll Quilts Pattern Book. Throw in a jelly roll. Mom will love this combination and it is not fattening at all.

Friday, Chef Bubba will have a delectable, fattening dessert for Mom. Maybe she will share!

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