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The Fabric Maverick says...Aimee Pflieger Dolby is my kind of designer!

April 16, 2009

Thumbnail image for 10th_logo.gifFor those of you who do not know, Aimee is the designer of Betsy Ross Patterns. I picked Aimee as one of the designers I woud like to interview because Aimee embodies the spirit of our customers. She has a "Can-do" attitude. She saw a need for something and plugged away at it until it was a reality. Here is what Aimee said in our recent interview:

''A few years ago, I decided to put the sewing machine I received as a graduation present to use. It had been gathering dust for awhile and I was getting sick of spending too much for skirts that I knew were easy to make. I bougnt a few patterns and some cotton fabric and set to work. While I gained some confidence using simple patterns, I was still confused by the instructions and iillustrations. Sewing felt like a club that had a secret handshake I couldn't master. Eventually, I tried to tackle some pants but ended up swadding the tissue paper into a ball and went to bed frustrated.

I took that experience and set to work creating Betsy Ross, one of the first independent sewing pattern businesses. Instead of trying to follow seasonal styles, I set out to create basic designs that can be used repeatedly, but in different fabrics for different looks. The possibilities are endless and Betsy Ross patterns are for wardrobe items every woman needs- simple skirts, pants, tops and functional bags.''

I asked Amy if she had any formal training in pattern design?

She responded "I have not had any training in pattern making. I do the designs and someone else makes the pattern itself. I am pretty much self- taught when it comes to sewing. My mom taught me the basics when I was little, but my technique is pretty much a mix of new skills I've picked up since then and improvisations."

This struck a chord with my experience with patterns. I am sure that some of you have had the same experiences that Aimee has had.  Betsy Ross patterns are designed to be simple and clear. If you can make a straight line, you will have no problem with most of these patterns. Most of her patterns are designed for miminal sewing experience and will guide you in fabric selection and fit. To make her patterns, the simplest tools are needs:

a needle

fabric shears

paper cutting scissors

an iron

straight pins

marking pencil

sewing machine.

Here is a photo of one of my favorite patterns: the apartment pants.

bed color.jpgThese are for lounging around the house or sleepwear.

For more information about Aimee Pflieger Dolby check our her website.

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Really the was so interesting and the design of her work is nice...
You have done a great job.. and the instrument you have given is so simple and saves the money....

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