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Ten Years and Still Clicking!

April 2, 2009


10th_logo.gifIt all started as a "going out of business" sale that quickly turned in to a "starting a new business" tale. After many humble years (see Stephen's story) and plenty of elbow grease we are proud to reach this milestone. What better way to celebrate than thanking our customers for making this possible!

So come on...Let's party like it's 1999!

Can I please join the winner of the fabulous textile trek along the coast of Italy? A laptop and a $500 Fabric.com shopping spree? Seweet!  And that's just the beginning. We are having huge sales, free pattern downloads, special guest bloggers, and much more. Also be on the lookout for special "goodies" added to your fabric orders.

The party starts now and lasts all year long!
"Sew" visit us often...Hidden treasures abound!
Now Go Sew!!


We thought you might like to see some pictures of our staff and facility.

Here are some pictures of our hard-working but fun-loving staff:

Leslie from Customer Service: leslie.jpg

Our merchandising staff headed up by Kristl Pelz: DSCN4417.JPGOur warehouse: DSCN4406.JPGLast but never least the man who has made all of this possible, Stephen Friedman: Stephen2.jpg
Thank you for making us successful!

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If you could see my sewing room you would see a lot of fabric from Fabric.com in there. If you could see all the quilts, totes and aprons I have made over the years you would know I am a customer. Even the recycling center recognizes your logo when I take in the empty boxes. Would you believe I still have the old Phoenix Textile link in my favorites. I used to go to the fabric store When they had sale and stack the bolts high on the cutting table. That store is no longer there and you all have taken their place. I think the genius of your company is that you give the customer the same "family feel" that I got from those shopping trips. I have never met Stephen and we live a far piece away but I know he likes to take his daughters swimming. I don't know Kristl but I like her style. When I open and explore a fresh box of fabric I like to imagine the person cutting away and asking " now what are you going to make with this?" Over the years your too good to pass up sales have encouraged me to open out my stash to pleather, satin, taffeta, and upholstery fabs. Before that I was a strictly cotton only gal. My my I have gone on and on when all I wanted to say is thanks and congratulations, here is to many more successful years. The only thing I miss about that long gone fabric shop is the smell of fresh cotton in the morning.....you don't happen to have that in a room freshener do you?.....no. Well never mind just keep on keeping on.

I, likewise, was originally a Phoenix Textile customer and hung on (for dear life) when you became Fabric.com -- I have never looked back!!! Being more a garment sewer, you were my oasis in the retail fabric store desert. As I dabbled in quilts, I always knew your quality would make lasting quilts. Fabric.com is the only web-based store I trust to see what I like and know that the product arriving at my door would be high quality and just what I had in mind. Congratulations on 10 years! Hope to be a customer for a few more decades as well!

I am just starting a small business and I am very thankful for the easy shopping and delivery to my home. It makes taking this step easier to know I have a great company to depend on. Thanks!

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