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Notes from Gadget Corner: Quilters' Block Butler

April 7, 2009


This month I experimented with the Quilters'  3' x 3' size BlockButler. This is a design wall that allows you to mix and match your blocks to find the design that best suits your project. The BlockButler is a self-sticking surface that holds without tape or pins. It is made of a tacky material on both sides that does not leave any residue on the mounted surface. I wondered if it would really stay where you put it so I tried it for a period of several weeks on the wall of my sewing room. It was easy to apply to the wall surface, you peeled off the green backing a little at first so that you could get lined up straight, then peeled the rest of the green backing and I pressed it on to the wall. My BlockButler has been on the wall for the entire winter so I have to say that it stays where you place it.  

Placing and rearranging blocks is a snap with the BlockButler they stick to the surface easily and can be moved around without being pinned. I however found that if I attempted to leave the blocks hanging for a few days that they did let go and if there are a lot of seams to the blocks then it would release quicker. I found that if I replaced the film over the blocks that are on the BlockButler this helped to keep them where I left them. I understand that it is washable and when dry will hang on the wall. I have not needed to wash mine yet so I will have to add that experience in the future. Let me know if you try this item and how you like it. That's all for now, see you next month. Try the Quilters' Block Butler, I give it a thumbs up.

If you would like to ask questions about this product, contact the Gadget Lady at kathy@fabric.com.



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I have both sizes of the Block Butler. The 3 x 3 size works great, the larger one not so much. It sticks to the wall well, but the blocks don't stick all that well. I can generally plan on finding about half of my blocks on the floor within hours of sticking them up. I also had this product on a wall with flat-finish paint, and after taking it down it looked fine, but within weeks I started noticing fuzz and dust and kitty hair stuck to my wall where the Block Butler was, so be careful where you stick it! If I had it to do again, I would only buy the 3 x 3 piece, or maybe several 3 x 3 pieces. It is pretty expensive too.

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