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Part 2 Sandi Henderson on Roller Skates!

April 10, 2009

Thumbnail image for Sandi Henderson.jpgSandi is back with us today to give us some of her secrets.

Fabric Maverick: "Where do you get your inspirations? I love your color palette."

Sandi Henderson: "Oh, my inspirations come from life. I'm inspired by furniture, gardens, vintage fabric, new fabric, music, crayons. But I have found that my greatest inspiration comes in the title of my fabric collection. With both Ginger Blossom and Farmers Market, I had the name figured out first. I have to nail down the feel I am going for and having the name is a huge factor in that for me. The third collection that I just finished up, I didn't have a name until about halfway through. I was struggling so much with the collection until the name came to me and the rest just flew out of my hand. I think it's because I've come to enjoy including a few novelty prints in my collections and that plays off the name. In Ginger Blossom, it was the Water Lilies. In Farmers Market, the cherries and apples. I haven't sent off the third collection to the mill yet, so I'm going to keep the name secret a bit longer, but I'll drop it soon enough!'

Fabric Maverick: "That is fascinating!  By the way, how is it to work with Michael Miller Fabric? Kathy Miller seems like she would be a barrel of fun!"

Sandi Henderson: "Kathy is fabulous. She has become a great friend and has been a wonderful mentor. Many hours have passed on the phone with her simply educating me about the fabric design process. I value her input greatly and will forever be grateful that she took a chance on a no-name dewy-eyed girl one afternoon in May. Michael (her partner) is equally wonderful and a great male chum for my husband to goof off with at the Quilt Market. It makes me smile to see them snickering in a corner. And the rest of the Michael Miller crew! They are so fun to work with! The entire company has a family feel to it and I'm so pleased that I've landed where I have."

Fabric Maverick: "I know what you are saying. It is important to have that family feeling. Stephen Friedman has made our company feel like a family also. I know that you have the most wonderful patterns, but do you quilt also?"

Sandi Henderson: "Oh, thank you. Sandi Henderson does quilt! I try to have at least one quilt made up for each fabric collection. I am more of a 'make it up as you go' quilter. I've tried to create a plan for the quilt I'm working on, but they just come out better when I wing it!"

Fabric Maverick: "I was surprised when were 'talking' that you actually buy fabric from Fabric.com? I guess I thought that designers would use their own fabric. So what do you buy and what do you do with it?"

Sandi Henderson: " Oh yes, I think Fabric.com was the first place I ever ordered fabric online from. I think my first order consisted of Amy Butler Charm fabric. I buy a lot of fabric actually-I felt really guilty about it for a while since I do get some of my own fabric for free. But I don't feel bad anymore. It's good to stay on top of what you do and love! Buying fabric and patiently waiting for it to arrive in the mail reminds me of the joy of sewing. And I love to mix and match designers' prints. Right now I'm working on my daughter's Easter dress which is a combination of a Jennifer Paganelli print, one of mine and a couple of pieces of vintage fabric. It's going to be beautiful! I always buy some of Amy Butler's collections and I love Anna Maria Horner's style. There is a lot of Heather bailey on my shelves and a lot of Joanna Figueroa. You will also see Joel Dewberry, Jennifer Paganelli, Camille Roskelly and Michael Miller in the mix. I tend to flock towards the designers that I know in person the best because it makes sewing with their fabrics so much more fun! I recently went through a crazy pursuit to track down every print in Denise Schmidt's Flea Market Fancy collection. I think it came out around the time I was designing Ginger Blossom and I just didn't have the time to look at other fabrics. So two years later and I really got a good look and fell in love. Of course it now out of print, but I found some of everything I wanted. My current favorite is Wonderland by Momo."

Fabric Maverick: "Are you working on any new collections now? I loved both Ginger Blossom and Farmers Market!"

Sandi Henderson: "I just finished one up! It is slated for hopefully a summer debut. I hope it makes it because it so suited for summer sewing!"

Fabric Maverick: "If you actually had a day to do whatever you wanted to do, what would you do?"

Sandi Henderson: "Oh wow...hmm..I would spend it somewhere fun with my family. Nothing quite brings me more joy than seeing my kids at the end of a fun filled day looking content and loved. We're going to Disneyland at the end of April, so that will pretty much be my perfect week. If I were to spend a day alone with my husband, I would definitely go fabric shopping. And to the bookstore. And then to a really good lunch- I had a seared tuna last week that was divine. And then hiking somewhere and to the movies to finish up. My sweet husband has the habit of rubbing my feet about 4 times a week and I'm completely spoiled in that aspect so that would probably be the nightcap."

Fabric Maverick: "That sounds pretty go to me except I do not think I could not accomplish half of that. I would need a pair of roller skates to keep up. I don't suppose you would be willing to rent Dustin out? Thank you for sharing with us today. We will be patiently waiting for your new collection to come out!"

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I hope that Sandi shares her daughter's Easter dress on her blog. I would love to see it!

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