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The Fabric Maverick says... It is easy to select fabrics with these tips in mind!

January 20, 2009

Last time we figured out how much yardage we needed to make our curtains. Of course, you need to have some idea of what kind of fabric you are going to use especially if there is a repeat.

Here are some factors to consider when selecting fabric:

1. Light- do you want a lot of light or little light in the room. Choose a sheer to lightweight fabric for more light. Choose a medium weight to heavy weight dense weave to block light. No fabric blocks all light.

2. Temperature- If you like a breeze, plan on a curtain style that can be pulled away from the window. If you want to prevent air from passing through, you may need to use multiple layers such as lining your fabric. A quick way to test for air is to hold the fabric up to your face and blow through it holding your hand in front of the fabric. You will be able to feel how much air flows through the fabric.

3. Privacy- Fabric which seems opaque may not be at night with the lights on. The best way to test is to hold the fabric layers that will make up your drapes (fabric and lining) over your head outside and look through the fabric layers. This is what a person outside your window will see. Try to do this when your neighbors will not see you. They might think that you are a little strange.

4. Personal style- Your fabric should match your room style. Curtains are an investment of your time and money. Fabric styles include traditional, contemporary, country, retro-mod and novelty to name a few. Your fabric should complement your room.

5. Fabric construction- Consider the construction of your fabric, Polyester, cottons and blends are very durable. Do you need your fabric to be washable? Should you line your drapes? Lining will protect your fabric from sunlight and provide a uniform appearance from the outside.

I like to consider collections of fabrics because I know all the fabrics will work together. Check out our Home Decor section. Lauren has been busy matching trims to fabrics to help you along the process. Now let's go make some drapes.

 Next time- My secret blog sites.

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What fabric would you suggest for a horse-drawn bobsleigh? We were looking at the mohair velvet, plush. We live in northern MN but stop the equipment inside. thanks for any information you have gleaned during your years of sewing. Bev

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