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Ann's Happy Place

January 22, 2009

Oh my it's that time of the year again here in Atlanta. Gray skies, cold temperatures and bare trees... Personally I hate it. Give me warmth and flowers!  Obviously I have no control over Mother Nature so I figured it was time to quit moaning and create my own sunshine.    And I did.  It all started with a much needed makeover of one of my guest rooms. My husband and I call this Ann's room because she is usually the one who sleeps here.  Ann is like a sister and you know how you can neglect the ones you love the most.  In other words if she didn't complain I wasn't motivated.  Well I decided it was time to get my head out of the sand and bring a sunny disposition to Ann's room. 

I started with Amy Butler's nature inspired fabric and one of my favorites of her collections, Nigella.  What could be a happier fabric than BA-497 Primrose Lime?  I wanted this to be my statement fabric. I hate to admit that I do not have a head board on this bed so I thought why not create the illusion that I do.  I made two drapery panels and hung them in front of the windows.  Because there is not a great view I choose to close the panels and move the bed in front of my new fabric wall. Love it! I then made two large 24" square pillows out of lime green striped dupioni silk DPSR-101. From here I made a long rectangular pillow out of Nigella BA-749 Water Lotus Ivory.  On the bed they went!  Of course I had to make a couple of Amy Butler's Gum Drop pillows and I also decided to cover my lamp shades.  

Thumbnail image for lamp.small.gifIt all came together so nicely, it was like Spring had just arrived to this once dreary room!  I forgot (on purpose) to take before pictures.  Let me just say it is a new room with a brand new attitude...A very happy place!


Now our room reveal:


room-wide.small.gif room-tall.small.gif       If you like what Nancy has done, you might also be interested in other Amy Butler collections.

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do you have any amount/length of Amy butler fabric nigella primrose in lime fabric

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