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The Fabric Maverick says... Michael Miller is the new "Waldo"

October 16, 2008



Waldo.jpgSome of you are sitting there thinking "Who the heck is Waldo"? Waldo was a funny little man usually dressed in a red and white striped shirt. He was always hidden in a large scene. The trick was to find him. Sometimes it took a long time. I think about Michael Miller that way sometimes. Recently I was reading my Southern Living magazine. I have my own formula for reading a magazine. I look at all the pictures first. I earmark what I plan on reading. I then look at all the gardens. Someday my yard will look like that. This is after I win the "LOTTERY" and hire a full-time gardener. I, then, read all the recipes. Lastly I read the articles I earmarked earlier. In other words, I looked at this magazine and the picture of this nursery several times before it dawned on me that most of the fabric in this nursery is Michael Miller fabric. In this article it does not say anything about Michael Miller. MM Nursery.jpg The bumper pads are definitely Frog Chow Mud:  Now is this not the most unlikely fabric for a nursery? It works so well. The huge polka dots must be 'disco dots'. I am working on getting this into our store. BI-588.jpg  

I love the way Michael Miller just shows up with no fanfare. It doesn't hit your senses all at once. One of the most informative websites for new ideas and projects is the Michael Miller website. I credit Kathy Miller and her staff for this. I have since seen several rooms that have Michael Miller fabric in them. So this is my challenge to you:

1. Find a room with Michael Miller fabric. It cannot be a Michael Miller advertisement or from the Michael Miller website.

2. The first 10 people who send the Fabric Maverick a picture, I will give a $10.00 gift certificate.  Remember the Fabric Maverick has a tiny budget unlike the US government. Please email your pictures to victoria@fabric.com. I am asking her to cover for me while I take a mini vacation.

Where's Michael?


P.S. If you click on the picture above, you can find Waldo too!

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thank you, thank you, thank you!!! That's the nicest thing I've ever heard - we're still here in the studio plugging away for quilt mkt tonite and I just read this thru google alerts - you just lifted our spirits here!

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