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The Fabric Maverick says... All that glitters is not gold!

October 14, 2008

This is not an opinion about the economy. Thankfully, it will eventually turn around. The holiday season will soon be upon us. Andrea was so on target with her fall fashion forecast; she has offered to provide her talents to guide us who are less wise in the right direction as to what is fashionable for the holidays. I hope that she realizes we need more bang for our buck! I am thinking about tightening that belt so tight that I might have a waist again. The least I can do to help is to provide some tips on sewing some of the special occasion fabrics.

Tips for working with sequin fabric:

1. Choose a simple pattern with little construction. This will show the sequined fabric to its best advantage.

2. Know how the sequins are constructed. If the sequins are synthetic, do no dry clean because the sequins will dissolve in dry cleaning fluid. Fabric should be hand washed and air dried. If the sequins are glass, the fabric can be dry cleaned.

3. Treat the fabric as a directional fabric or napped fabric. In other words, the pattern pieces must be laid out in one direction.

4. Use a pair of old scissors to cut the fabric as the glue and sequins will blunt the blade.

5. Use a soap sliver or chalk to make marks on the fabric.

6. Because this fabric can be scratchy to the skin, plan to use bias tape or coordinating fabric for the neck and armholes.

7. Use nonfusible interfacing, because heat will melt the sequins.

8. Use a size 75/11HS if a knit is used as a base fabric for the sequins.  Use a 70/10H needle if the base fabric is a woven fabric. You will need to use several needles as they will dull very quickly on sequined fabric.  Glue may build up on your needle. Clean with alcohol.

9. Sew the seam with a small zig zag stitch between .5mm width and 2.5mm length. Top stitching is not recommended.

10. If pressing, use only very low heat on the wrong side of the fabric.

11. The best hem finish is to use 1/2 inch strip of  Steam A Seam light to the wrong side of the fabric. Remove the paper tape and finger press the hem upwards. Using a pressing cloth, press again with a low heat, dry iron. Hold in place for 10 seconds. This will make an invisible hem.

Now you are ready to add some glitz to your wardrobe. Go party!

 P. S. Some of these tips are mine but many are from Sandra Betzina. She certainly knows her way around a sewing machine.


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My sewing machine hates sewing on any fabric with stretch, especially those with sequins. I had luck placing a piece of ribbon on top of the fabric i was sewing - for example, for a hem. Now that I know about the steam hem trick, I'll use that (as long as I'm not using fabric that will dissolve under heat!).

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