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Sneak Peeks

October 21, 2008

I would like to give you a sneak peek into some of the fabrics we are working on today. They should be on the site very soon. Make some room in your stash or dream up a project for the following:


Ladies and gentlemen, The Beatles (fabric)!

I have been an avid Beatles fan since I was a kid. I have seen Ringo and his All Starr band a couple of times in concert here in Atlanta. It was perfect for me because he features artists from the '80's along with a few Beatles songs. My other close encounter with the Fab Four was in my days as Artistic Director for The Library Theatre in Hoover, Alabama. We presented a fantastic Beatles tribute band. The played their own instruments and sang beautifully. They did the early Beatles look and sound, and after intermission they took on the Sgt. Pepper's look and sound. The performer playing John never came out of character from the moment they arrived for the sound check. I cannot tell you what it meant to introduce them on stage in front of the crowd...''Ladies and Gentlemen, The Beatles!''

So, when I was presented with fabric from V.I.P. Cranston featuring the Beatles, their logo and some of the Yellow Submarine characters, you can imagine I jumped at it. I hope you enjoy the collection as much as I do. I have a pair of PJ's for my sister and myself in mind for my first project. I'll keep you posted.

Thumbnail image for Dupion-Silk-Oct-08.jpg

Super Sale on Dupioni Silk

You may have noticed our new lower price on the Promotional Dupioni Silks. They are only $8.98 a yard for 54'' wide 100% silk dupioni until 2009. We have over 100 colors on line now and more to come. We offer swatches for the ones that come in at 50 yards or more when we receive the shipment. Lauren, one of our Merchandisers has a special gift for color names and a great affinity for silks. She is the one that came up with 100 different color names, and has a challenge ahead with two new shipments waiting for her discerning eye.

Dupioni silk is not as delicate as you might think. Silk fibers are as strong as steel in the same size strand. It can be machine washed on delicate and tumbled on low for a more casual finish. It becomes soft and some of the sheen is removed. It also becomes a little more textured - almost like crepe. It's my favorite way to work with dupioni. And, I can wash my garment after it's made. Always test-wash a 4'' x 4'' square before washing  your whole piece of silk. There can be issues with the dye running and the fabric changing color. You can always dry clean your dupioni silk to keep the sheen and crisp finish.


Thank you so much for the information on washing dupioni silk! I've always stayed away from silk because I assumed it was NEVER machine washable. I love the look and feel of silk and with my new pattern-making software, I can design beautiful blouses, skirts and dresses -- bring on the silk!!!!

Being a fifty-something, I have very fond memories of The Beatles -- I even remember watching them on the Ed Sullivan Show when they made their first U.S. appearance. I feel very blessed to have seen George Harrison and Ravi Shankar in concert (with Billy Preston) in Chicago. And yes, PJs sound like their in my future as well. :)

Silk is one of my favorite fabrics! Dupioni is a little more formal than I need for most things. I do have two garments made of it, though. One is a costume. I preferred not to wash it as I needed the crisp texture. The other is a jacket for when I need to dress up. That one I do wash.

I do wish the store would stock raw silk/silk noil. That is my favorite kind of silk.

Though I, too, am over 50, I never was much of a Beatles fan. When they hit the USA, I couldn't figure out about what all the other little girls were so excited. Even at a young age, I was a classical music geek. However I'm getting the fabric to make one of my tote bags for a much younger friend who is a huge Beatles fan, has made the SGT Pepper costumes (for Dragon*Con in ATLANTA) and plays in a band herself.

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