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Fabric Maverick says... Imagine the possibilities!

October 28, 2008

I sometimes feel like a woman dying of thirst and water is within my reach but I cannot drink. Everyday beautiful fabrics pass by me. I fall in love with most of them. There is no way in the world for me to even start all the projects that are in my mind. When I have time, I have no money. When I have money, there is no time. Well I am going to help you visualize a few projects to get you started. I found this great quilting magazine called "Easy Quilts". It professes to help you make a project in a weekend.

I have always said you should start in July to make a Christmas quilt, but maybe I will have to adjust my thinking. Here is a photo of a completed quilt from the Winter 2008 issue:

Secret Santa.jpgThis quilt is made from the Secret Santa collection. Take a panel BO-713.jpgand add some coordinating fabrics. I can see this done in my mind.

Don't want a Christmas quilt. Try a great child's quilt. How about Yogi Bear and Boo Boo. For someone older, how about The Beatles.



Thumbnail image for Yogi Bear.jpgIf you don't want a quilt, there are some great pillows.

Check these out. These are made from the Taxi collection and the Lindsay collection.

Lindsey.jpg Taxi.jpg

Now as a sweet treat to get you started, we have marked down Christmas Fabrics 30%. Now is a good time to create that holiday vision you have. This magazine gives you the time, we will help with the money! Enjoy.

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I don't know how you girls STAND it! Working around all of that fabric would drive me insane...and straight to the poor house for sure! Like you, when I have the time to sew I have no money and vice versa. But I MUST order some of the Secret Santa. I just love that!

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