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The Fabric Maverick says... Let's go to football school!

September 15, 2008

Ladies, get ready for football boot camp Fabric.com style!

We will start with a football quiz to assess your football knowledge and end with a tailgate party from Chef Bubba on Friday. You may not know any more about football by the end of the week, but you will have a lot of fun.

True or False:

  1. A touchdown is six points.
  2. The University of Kansas is in the SEC.
  3. March Madness is the tournament to determine college football winners.
  4. Herschel Walker attended the University of North Carolina.
  5. The quarterback is a member of the defensive team.
  6. The quarterback is always the ball carrier.
  7. A field goal is worth 3 points.
  8. The defensive team can never score a goal.
  9. "Bear" Bryant coached at Auburn University.
  10. The University of Notre Dame team is known as the Fighting Irish.
  11. Tailgate parties are traditionally held during basketball games.
  12. The University of Florida vs. the University of Georgia game is known as the best outdoor cocktail party.
  13. Alabama's war cry is "Roll Tide".
  14. Talking to your husband during his favorite college football game is acceptable.
  15. Uga, the bulldog, is the mascot for Georgia Tech University.
  16. The University of Southern California has never won the Rose Bowl.
  17. The offensive team is the team who possesses the ball.
  18. The defensive team is the team who tries to prevent the team who has the ball from scoring.
  19. A down is 10 yards or more.
  20. There are four quarters in a football game.

The answers will be in Tuesday's blog since we cannot print the answers upside down. We will also have a mini football dictionary so you will be able to speak football!

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