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The Fabric Maverick says... I can speak football!

September 16, 2008

I have tried to give you some extra time .Here are the answers to the questions!

1. True- A touchdown is six points.

2. False- The University of Kansas is not in the Southereastern Conference

3. False- March Madness is the tournament to determine college basketball winners.

4. False - Herschel Walker attended the University of Georgia.

5. False-  The quarterback is a member of the offensive team.

6. False- The quarterback may carry the ball, but he may also pass it to another member of the team.

7.  True- A field goal is 3 points.

8.  False- It is rare, but the defensive team can score  two points in what is known as a safety.

9.  False- "Bear" Bryant coached at the University of Alabama. Alabama fans would barbecue anyone who said the "Bear" had anything to do with Auburn.

10. True- The University of Notre Dame team is known as the "Fighting Irish".

11. False- Tailgate parties are held gernerally before football games. The Fabnc Maverick believes that you can party anytime if food is involved.

12. True.- A  very good time is had at the Georgia-Florida game.

13. True- Alabama's war cry is "Roll Tide"

14. False- Most husband's do not appreciate chatter during their football games unless you are bringing food or drink. You will be lucky if you get a grunt.

15. False- Uga is the sacred mascot of the University of Georgia.

16. False- Of course, the Trojans have won at the Rose Bowl.

17. True- The offensive team does have the football.

18. True- The defensive team tries to stop the offensive team from scoring a touchdown.

19. True- A down is at least 10 yards.

20. True- There are 4 quarters to a football games.


Coin toss: Before the start of the game, the captain of the visiting team calls heads or tails when the coin is flipped by the referee. If the visitor wins the toss, he can select whether to receive the ball or kick the ball. The losing team chooses which goal they would like to defend.

Defense: The team tha is responsible for keeping the offense from scoring points.

Down: A play, starting when the ball is put into play and ending when the ball is ruled dead. Basically a down is one play.

Field Goal: A scoring play worth 3 points. Placekicker kicks ball throught the uprights to achieve goal.

First Down: The first play of every series. The offense must gain 10 yards or more in four downs to be awarded first down.

Offense:  The team that has possession of the football and attempts to advance it towards the defense's goal line,

Penalty: Punishment for an infraction of a rule.

Quarterback: The offensive player who receives the ball from the Center at the start of each play before either handing it off or running with it himself.

Touchdown: A scoring play in which any part of the ball, while legally in possession of a player who is inbounds, crosses the opponent's goal line is worth 6 points.

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