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The Fabric Maverick says... Halloween is for children!

September 23, 2008

I have always thought Halloween was the holiday totally for children. What could be more fun than dressing up in a funny or scary costume and getting candy for it?  I adore the little children in their costumes yelling out "Trick or Treat". The very youngest just hold out their bags because they don't know the lingo yet.

I was raised in a small Midwest town of less than 12,000 people. My brothers and sisters knew everyone. We would dress every year in outfits we concocted at the last minute. We might be cheerleaders, football players or a ghost. Mom never did appreciate the eye holes in her white sheets. We knew where the best candy could be found. There were two maiden ladies who lived next door who made the best popcorn balls and brownies. I do not imagine that they had many treats left after 8:00 PM. Of course, there was always one 'scrooge' on the street that would sit in his living room reading his paper who would not even answer the door. After one year, we all knew to avoid his house.

One year when I was eleven, I agreed to meet a friend at the school yard to go trick or treating. It was the perfect Halloween night. It was dark and chilly. The tree branches rustled in the wind like ghost fingers scratching on a door. The solitary light in the school yard created a small spotlight against the darkness.  Of course, Jimmy was late and I huddled in the light imagining the shadows becoming solid shapes. The swings were swinging to and fro from the wind and small noises started to sound very ominous! Of course, this is when Jimmy jumped out of the dark at me.  Yes, he did scare me. We had a great time though.

Halloween is very different from my youth. It is no longer safe to eat homemade items. You should never go alone to meet someone. You should always go with a group or parent. Costumes are often purchased. This weekend I took Victoria's granddaughter, Jade, to select a costume pattern for her and her brother. She selected a cheerleader costume and little Sebastian will be the most adorable dinosaur. Imagine my surprise when I discovered a whole section devoted to pet costumes. I will spend this week selecting fabric from our Halloween Bootique.  I am starting now because I know it will take me awhile. Victoria and I will post those photographs when we have the costumes finished.

To me, this is the official start of the holiday season. We all need to start thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas!. It does come fast, doesn't it!

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Hey Fabric Maverick! Another soul after my own heart! My hubby is THE Holidayman. We follow the year through its holidays. However, Halloween is King at our house and we start in September. As soon as September 1st rolls around, our patriotic decorations come down and the Fall / Halloween decorations go up -- we decorate with ceramics, serving ware, artwork, and of course, fabrics! Every table, every window (downstairs) carries the holiday theme, as well as throws, quilts, etc. In our house, Halloween is not just for the kids anymore! (Though my 23 year old son is trying to figure out how he can sneak in some "trick or treating".) Needless to say, when both my boys were of the "age" I made all of their costumes by hand. The best (and most difficult) was when I made my oldest son (who was about 8 at the time) a black cat costume with faux fur -- what a mess, but he used it for years! Thanks for the great memories.

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