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Power Sewer at work!

September 4, 2008



DPSR-018.jpgDPSR-082.jpgThumbnail image for UC-424.jpgWorking at Fabric.com I am constantly inspired by all the beautiful fabrics that pass by my office every day. When I see a fabric I love, I buy it. I take it home and make something immediately.  Well the time had arrived that I needed to redo my bedroom. You can see a sample of all the fabrics I used above. I have had my eye on the P. Kaufman Panthera Cocoa/ Aqua UC-424 for quite a while. I was ready for a new look and knew this fabric was what I wanted to use.  I also selected 2 coordinating dupioni silks, DPSR-082 Chocolate and DPSR-018 Celedon. Fresh paint, bedding, table skirt, and drapes, I did it all. Everything came together beautifully.  I am happy with my new look, but there was a problem...My husband's old computer chair.  It was a horrible color and ruined the overall appearance of all my hard work.  Sometimes husband's things are the elephant in the room.  My first thought was to buy a new chair, but I knew that an attractive chair would not allow him to spin, lay and slouch!  What was I to do?  Well it hit me outta nowhere. Why not cover it?  I decided to make a slipcover for the chair.  I had taken an upholstery class a while back and decided that was not for me but this I could handle. I had some of the P Kaufmann Panthera fabric left. I decided it would be perfect to cover this old thing. All I did was stretch a piece of fabric around the seat and staple away with my heavy duty stapler. I measured the chair back. It was 18 inches square. I allowed an additional 3" on each side for the depth of the chair back. Right sides together I made a pillowcase. I hemmed the open end and slipped it over the chair back. Voila! A chair was given new life. I also used all of my leftover fabric.  Bedroom saved! Gotta love fabric!!!



Here are some pictures of Nancy's project:IMG_2003.jpg

before-after.jpg IMG_2010.jpg  Thumbnail image for IMG_2009.jpg

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