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Fall Must Have Accessories!

September 30, 2008

      A note from the Fabric Maverick: I am giving up my space today to Andrea. She is our own Fashion Diva!  Andrea has recently joined our little family and we are very happy to have her with us. I am sure you read her blog last week and are as impressed as I was. Hopefully, I can twist her arm to continue writing for us. Excuse me! I meant persuade her.  I will be taking over for Victoria on Thursday so I can talk about the coming holiday season. Yes, it is coming. Here is Andrea! Enjoy.

As promised my fashion darlings, I am back with part 2 of our fashion lesson:  Falls Must have Accessories! Now, I know you might think, what's the big deal about accessories, as long as I have the clothes, I'm good to go, right?   Well that kind of thinking is perfectly fine, if you just want a basic outfit, but fabulous fashionistas (which you all are) need fabulous accessories!  Bottom line, great accessories can make an outfit or the lack of them can break an outfit.  We all know it's the details that really matter.  This Fall is all about accessories with texture, embellishments, great detailing, design and color.  So keep that in mind when deciding on your finishing touches.  So join me in the countdown to Fall's Must Have Fashion Accessories!

Fall's Top Accessory Trends

  1. This Fall is all about making a statement.  What better way to do that than with a stunning statement necklace, the chunkier the better.  Try checking out your local thrift or vintage stores, to snag some really great and inexpensive finds.  Another big trend for jewelry this season is anything blue, from sapphires to turquoise.  Find a beautiful bracelet or ring to showcase this must have trend. 
  2. This Fall, texture can be seen everywhere in clothing and accessories.  Look for items with fringe, especially boots and handbags.  Also look for items with feathers and fur. Try a cropped fur jacket with jeans and a sexy ankle boot or add a fur scarf to your winter coat to totally change the look.  If you are feeling especially nostalgic, try draping a fur cape over your shoulders for a night out on the town.  To incorporate the feather trend into your wardrobe, look for leather clutches, headbands or earrings. 
  3. One of the biggest trends of the season is handbags.  Multi colored handbags add a splash of color and handbags with chain detailing give a major boost of edginess to the basic handbag. You can find this trend in leather hobo bags or oversized handbags.  The trend works well because it is super versatile, it can be worn either with a casual or dressy attire.  Remember, a statement handbag, can do just that, help you make a statement, without saying a word!
  4. What better way to keep warm than with brightly colored gloves and cozy scarves?  Just throw on a scarf, a pair of cool sunglasses, grab your handbag and you are sure to look like an international jet setter.   You can also pair a scarf and colored leather gloves with your favorite little black dress for more of a vintage, throw back look.                                                             
  5. Can we say belts, belts and more belts! Size doesn't matter, they can be skinny or wide, they are meant to accentuate the silhouette and show off those curves.  This trend works well with the rocker chic look or you can pair them with a full skirt and ruffled blouse. You really can't go wrong with this trend.
  6. You can't help but fall for the Fall trend of shoes!  But not just any shoes, Fall is all about a sassy shoe that makes a statement.  There is a wide selection to choose from: shoes with platform heels, high heeled oxfords, ankle boots, skinny heeled shoes and the list goes on.

Well, my lovelies, we have come to the end of our Fall accessory countdown.  Now that you have been armed with the necessary fashion artillery, get ready to be the envy of all those who are accessory challenged.  So don't be surprised if you start turning heads, that's what happens when you accessorize!


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