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Falls Fashion Must Haves

September 24, 2008

     Calling all my Fall fashionistas!  Don't fret my lovelies.   I know all the new trends for this coming Fall season can be a bit overwhelming, but there is no need to feel flustered.  The easiest way to update your cool weather wardrobe, is just to focus on the main trends.   Otherwise you may up end up looking like a fashion no-no, if you try to follow every trend you come across.    From rock and roll biker chic, to country girl tweeds and plaids, to the dramatic belted silhouette, the return of skirts, dresses and luscious sweaters there is definitely something for everyone this season.   It is just up to you to decide how little or how much you want to push the fashion envelope.  So just stock your wardrobe with the basics, focus on key styles and you are sure to be a fashion trailblazer.

Colors, Fabrics and Texture

      So let us start with the basics and work our way up the fashion pyramid!  To put it simply, this Fall is all about color.  The usual earth tones associated with the colder months have given way to color and more color!  The "it" color for the season is pink. Think along the lines of fuchsia.  But, that doesn't mean you should wear pink from head to toe.  Just proceed with a little caution.  The color should be used as an accent.  You could do a pink jacket, scarf or a statement handbag, to add a pop of color to your wardrobe.  Remember don't be afraid to experiment with color.  It can definitely change the entire look of an outfit.    Other colors that must find their way into your wardrobe are shades of deep violet, lavender, candy apple red, rust orange, regal jewel tones and rich deep blues.    

     As far as fabrics go, this Fall season is a throwback to classic and timeless fabrics with a lot of texture.     Just take a look at any of the Fall runway shows and you will see an abundance of faux fur and velvet Fall is all about rich luxurious fabrics in plaid, tweed, tartan and argyle prints.  The other must have fabrics this season are leather, lace, mohair and suede.  Cotton stretch fabric is also a must since it allows style, comfort and movement.   Florals are also very big this season, and you thought they were just for the summer.   This style is meant to be worn mismatched and it looks fabulous paired with patterned tights, which are also another must have item this season.   But the seasons two stand out fabrics are plaid and tweed.    You can wear these fabrics in dresses, skirts, tops, coats or even accessories.  They will look best paired with sexy ankle boots, or strappy Mary Janes which are also big trends this Fall season.  So look for updated versions of these fabrics to add to your fall shopping list.

Fashion Must Haves

     Beautiful dresses and skirts are huge this fall season.  Designers have put emphasis back on the waist and returned to more feminine silhouettes.  So go ahead and show off those curves.   You can see this trend in the belted waists, the bell shaped silhouette, wide leg pants, and full skirts with a more fitted waist.  For a more romantic silhouette, try a longer hemline.  For more of an understated silhouette, try belts and clothing with more of a tailored waist.     

     Blouses with ruffles and bows will steal the scene this Fall.  They can be simple and delicate or super sized. You decide.  This trend also works well with the menswear trend which could be anything from boyfriend cardigans, men's wear inspired vests or oxford pumps.  Pair this trend with your ruffled or bow blouses to give it more of a feminine flair.

     Sure to be another popular trend this season is rocker/biker chic.  You can achieve this look by mixing pieces already in your closet with studs, zips or leather with a skirt or a pair of skinny jeans with tall high heeled boots, ankle boots (hot trend) or pumps and top it all off with some edgy  accessories.

  Chunky, slouchy sweaters, cardigans and turtle necks should also find their way into your wardrobe this Fall season.  Just think of them as fashion with function.  You can still look fabulous, while keeping warm.  What more could a girl ask for?  These sweaters look best with slim pants, tights or jeans.  They also look great layered over blouses or dresses.

       So now you are ready to go shopping, since you have the inside scoop on the season's most coveted styles and trends.  Just remember a few things: fashion should be fun, effortless and a reflection of your own personal style.  So find a couple trends that you absolutely love, embrace them and make them your own.  Stay tuned for Part 2:  Falls Must Have Fashion Accessories.  Until then, go out and be fashionable!

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