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Chalk it up!

September 11, 2008

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for CCR-001.jpg Chalk cloth + Michael Miller trim = Fun

One of my favorite things to do is to thumb through magazines on a Saturday morning while drinking my coffee. Last weekend, I found an article about chalk paint and chalk cloth. There was a picture of a table runner made from chalk cloth and ribbon. I thought what a fun idea for children and many adults! At my house, everyone congregates around the kitchen waiting for dinner. This would make a great 'doodle' cloth to scribble on while killing time. This will keep children and some adults busy while you finish. You will no longer worry about the children writing on the walls or furniture. When they are finished writing on it, you can just use a wet sponge to clean.


1/2 yard chalk cloth (will make 3 mats)

2 yards Michael Miller trim for each 'doodle' mat

Rotary cutter and mat


Blow dryer

Small binder clips

Sewing machine

This is a very easy project. You can make it in an hour or less. Chalk cloth should come to you rolled. It should never be folded because the finish will crack and the folds will be almost impossible to remove. Even on a roll, there will be ripple marks. These can be removed by using the low heat setting on your blow dryer. I applied heat to the wrong side of the chalk cloth moving it gently across the surface to allow the fabric to soften releasing the wrinkles. I was a little dubious at first because I had never used chalk cloth before. It worked like a charm. I cut the chalk cloth 13'' x 18''.  I squared up the edges so I could apply my trim evenly. I encased the raw edges of the chalk cloth with the Michael Miller bias trim. It is prefolded and very easy to work with.  If you use small binder clips to hold the trim, it is very easy to achieve good results. Since you will be sewing on cloth, you do not need any special presser foot. I used my regular foot and a size 11 needle.  I mitered my corners because I like mitered corners. If you are uncomfortable doing that, I would just measure each side and cut 4 strips to those lengths plus 1/4'' to 1/2'' to overlap the edges. Of course, Fabulous Phoebe would glue the trim onto the chalk cloth. This I am sure would work, but I love the security of thread.  If you are of the glue school, feel free to try it. Have fun with this project! I am sure that you can think of ways to make it better for you.


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