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A Fabric Maverick Tip of the Day

September 4, 2008

I ran across a nifty little tip this weekend I would like to share with you. The tip was printed in the American Patchwork and Quilt magazine. I had read an article several months ago on a quilting technique. On Saturday morning I spent a gazillion minutes trying to find this article. While I enjoyed reading all of 2008's quilting magazines, I never did find the article for which I was looking.  The tip I found was about a reader who had the same problem uses her extra address labels and marks the pages with the address labels (folding them over the page) to create a marker.  One extra tip, when placing the label make sure you are not covering up any valuable instructions on the back side of the article you are marking. I now have several magazines with little markers, I hope I can find the articles I am looking for now. I hope that this will help you, too.

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