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Victoria talks about "Baby Talk"

August 19, 2008

As there is no instruction manual for being a mother, there is, also, no instruction manual for being a grandmother.  I will say there is less "labor" involved in becoming a grandmother. Forgive me for a little pregnancy humor. When my daughter gave me the news, I was surprised to say the least. I had thought I still had a good five years before this event. Did you know that average age for becoming a first time grandmother is 47?

When I think of grandmothers, I think of my own grandmother. She was a kind woman who constantly cooked. I do not remember her saying much. She was always there with a helping hand smoothing over life's bumpy moments. I do remember her taking me for a train ride. We went to Kansas City for a showing of "Gone With The Wind". As I was very young, the theatre was very grand and large. Children remember time spent with them more than any gift that someone gives them.

There is a stereotype that grandmothers are little, old, frail, gray-haired ladies who bake cookies at the drop of the hat. I am not sure if this person really ever existed.  I know that my grandmother survived the depression era as a young widow with two children to raise.  This was hardly the job for a person without spirit.

Today's grandmother can be the head of a company, a political activist, an athlete and more. I may like to make cookies occasionally but I just like cookies.  I like to sew but not because I am a grandmother. It is a hobby that I find creatively rewarding. I plan to be an activist in my grandson's life. I will probably be texting him when he is a teenager. I am prepared to listen to his problems and hopefully share my own experiences. Grandmothers are an important part of a young person's life.  Even as a baby, the goo goo baby talk helps children mimic their first sounds in preparation for their first words. I am happy to sound like an idiot for my grandchild. Who knew I would fall in love with a short, bald, toothless guy at my age!


P.S. I have noticed that purchased receiving blankets are a little skimpy! I have asked the cutting department to come up with two 1-yard assortments to make larger receiving blankets and more. Check out Asst-333 and Asst-334..

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