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The Fabric Maverick says... It is time to find out your denim IQ.

August 28, 2008

Since school has just started, I think it is time to have a pop quiz. In true academic style, we will make it a true or false test. I am sure it will be easy for you. Brings back memories doesn't it! Since denim is a favorite fabric for school, this is a perfect subject. Circle the correct answer.

  1. True or False  Denim originated in America.
  2. True or False  Denim and blue jeans are considered the same.
  3. True or False  Loeb Strauss began a business selling clothing to the miners in the Gold Rush. He later changed his name to Levi.
  4. True or False  Cowboys in the movies made jeans popular.
  5. True or False  Denim is considered a symbol of revolution.
  6. True or False  The original name for denim was waist overalls.
  7. True or False  Before the 1930's, denim was only sold west of the Mississippi.
  8. True or False  Bing Crosby was denied hotel accommodations in 1951 because he was wearing blue jeans.
  9. True or False  Zippers were not used in blue jeans until the mid 1950s.
  10. True or False  Denim has never been out of fashion.

Because unlike the magazines I cannot print my answers upside down, I will give the answers tomorrow. If you can answer these questions correctly, then you know your denim. Let me know how well you do. As usual I want to see if someone does better than me. I know my sister will let me know how well she does.

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