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The Fabric Maverick says... Here is the guide to what's hot and what's not!

August 12, 2008

These shoes are supposed to be hot this year. These are eco-friendly peep toes made from plastic! These shoes look incredibly uncomfortable to me. Shoes from the 40's and 50's are the trend. I can see why Bette Davis had that pinched look on her face. Boots are hot! Stay away from the galoshes look.

When I read about fashion, my head begins to spin. As I read several things began apparent about what is in:

  1. Skinny belts will be in. In fact, all size belts are in.  These are supposed to be layered over sweaters or blazers. This also implies you have a waist. Where did I put that exercise equipment?
  2. Plaid is in. The most popular will be the menswear plaid.
  3. Vests are in. Menswear vests are in. This is more fitted. It can be worn open or buttoned.
  4. Bows are in. Think about bows at the neck of a blouse. This should be worn with a jacket.
  5. Blazers are in.
  6. Long sweater coats are in.
  7. Velvet is in.


!. Tie Dye unless you are young. Patchwork styles are in because they create a "bohemian" look.

2. Tucking pants legs are out if you are over twenty

3. Baby doll tops are out for the office. This will be gone by next summer.

4. Unless you are working in the garden, overalls are out.

5. Knee socks unless you are a child.

6. Fake fur in rainbow colors. Please do not wear purple fur. The Fabric Maverick wouldn't even make that faux pas.

Handbags will be large. Details will include quilting, belt styling. A plain neutral color will work with most outfits.

If you have a limited budget what can you do to make your money stretch? Buy good quality clothes that are classics. Every woman should have one good blazer in her closet that transcends all the fashion trends. This is a good time to learn to sew. Many fashion trends can be duplicated by sewing. A vest would be a good project. When trying to apply the fashion trends to yourself, consider your body type. Some trends will never be for you. Sewing is important because you can incorporate the trends you like into garments that fit your lifestyle and body type. An A-line skirt is flattering to most body types.

This brings me to what colors are hot! I have read several magazines and they all have different ideas. One magazine says blues combined with purple is the hot color trend. Black is the mainstay of many people. Another magazine states that burgundies, brown, gold and rust are the colors of the year. Give me some feedback!  I am sending the posse out to tell me what they see in the stores.

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I've noticed a lot of blue with black and shaades purple with black in the stores, along with sections containing burgundies, brown, gold, rust, and some very pretty greens that compliment those fall colors. I think you're pretty much right with the colors you've named.

If handbags will be larger and details will include quilting, why not add the Lazy Girl Designs to the pattern section? There's a lot of Lazy Girls that look for places to purchase Joan's patterns. Check them out at http://www.LazyGirlDesigns.com

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