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The Fabric Maverick says... Flip Flops are the first sign of summer!

June 3, 2008

HP-006.jpgJP-2682.jpgCJP-002.jpg  The robin is considered the first sign of Spring. Lest anyone think I do not know when summer starts, it is June 21st officially. The true harbinger of summer is the sound of flip-flops going by my office. Even now I hear an army slapping by my office! That familiar slap slap on the carpet tells me summer has arrived!  To me that means school is out, pool parties are in, working in my garden is in, working overtime is out.  The days are longer and calling me to enjoy outdoor fun.  Heat up the grill!  Chef Bubba get ready!

Of course, we are going to make somethings easier for you.   If you are wearing flip-flops, you must be  wearing T shirts. We have new selections of knits both poly cotton knits and cotton jersey knits. We have some great patterns for casual wear shirts- one of my favorites is CJP-002 Christine Jonson Shirred Top and Princess Wrap Pattern. Make several using different fabrics. Of course if you are in a designing kind of mood, add a flip flop pillow to your decor. Would this pillow not be perfect for a young person in your life?

WOP-0512.jpgTo start off summer try my flip flop drink which can be served to the entire family:

Blend 1 cup of plain yogurt with 1 cup of pineapple juice. Add spears of pineapple, maraschino cherries, bananas, grapes, mandarin orange to set it off. Those little umbrellas are a perfect touch. Of course, you may use any flavor of juice that you like. Now lean back in your lounge chair and say "Ahh!"


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