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The Fabric Maverick says... Hear the wedding bells ring!

May 27, 2008

June is traditionally considered the month for weddings. I do not why, most brides want June weddings. A great deal of planning goes into a wedding.  This is why I prefer to attend weddings and not plan them. Hopefully if you are planning a wedding your bride has not turned into "Bridezilla"! Just for fun, I looked around the internet to find some websites which might be helpful to the already stressed planner.  This is a wonderful website- SuperWeddings.com. This website has everything to help plan a wedding from wedding tips to honeymoon planning. There is even a free wedding planning newsletter.  You know how the Fabric Maverick loves the word free. There are craft ideas such as creating a twinkle tent. There is a wedding for every budget. Did you know that pink and brown are hot colors for weddings now! This is another great website - Wedding crafts.  This website will show you how to make a wedding invitation, a veil, bouquets, cakes and more! Here is a project for tulle pew accents from their webpage!


Tulle Only


Last but never least- Martha Stewart . She is the Queen of making something simple look elegant. Only Martha could make sugar cookies look like a wedding cake!  She baked sugar cookies cut in different sizes and glued them together with royal icing to resemble a wedding cake. She placed then in a see-through box, attaching a gift tag with ribbon. Looks elegant doesn't it!  We don't do cookies, but we do have a way with fabric. Check our bridal fabric section!

Sugar-CookieSugar-Cookie Cakes Cakes      


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