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The Fabric Maverick says... Congratulations to all the graduates!

May 13, 2008

Graduation time is upon us. Our children will soon be graduating from high schools and colleges everywhere. This means something different to each of us. It is fearful yet exciting to see our children spread their wings. After years of not knowing what we were talking about, we have suddenly become intelligent again. If you are one of the lucky ones, your child will already have found a job. This is rejoicing on several levels. There will be newfound money. No more will you have to pay for health insurance and auto insurance!  They will be paying for their own food and apartment. You will once more have money! Maybe you can still go to Italy someday!

Now come the real challenges of everyday living! Along with all the book learning, I hope that they have picked up some basic living skills.  You are thinking "What am I talking about?" This is what I am talking about:

1.  Can they balance a check book?

2.  Can they create a budget and stick to it?

3.  Can they cook?

4.  Do they know about nutrition?

5.  Can they sew on a button?

I am sure there are several things that you can add to the list. I have long thought about writing a book called "The You Cannot Eat at McDonald's Forever" cookbook. It would list what you should keep in the pantry at all times with basic cheap 30 minute recipes.

Every person should have basic sewing skills. If they have to take their clothes to be altered, they will soon find how expensive it can be. Consider giving them a basic sewing book with an inexpensive sewing machine. Then teach them how to use it. This is a skill that will last them a lifetime! Hopefully they will enjoy the process and advance to the next level. Even if they do not, they will know how to sew on a button and hem a pair of pants or skirt.

Good Luck to you all!  May life treat you well!

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