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Guest Room Update

May 2, 2008

Thumbnail image for guest bedroom.jpgI have been proceeding at a very slow rate with my guest bedroom redo. Here is a "Before" picture of a small bedroom with beautifully painted apple green walls which I have faux painted to have a linen finish. Unfortunately I am not so good a photographer so you will only see the color and not the beautiful linen finish.

I am working from the floor up. I have started with a bed skirt; the next step will be the duvet cover and pillow shams.  The final step will be curtains.


To determine how much yardage you need, you need to measure the length of the bed and the width of the bed. My bed measures 72" long and 54 " wide.  You will need to measure the drop from the box springs to the floor. I add about 5-6 inches for hems and seams. My drop is 20". Depending on the weight of the fabric you will need 2 to 3 times the length and width of the mattress.  I am working in 3 sections- 2 sides and the footboard. If I used 2 times the length, I would need 144 inches of fabrics for each side and 108 inches for the foot of the bed.  396" divided by 36"  = 11 yards. But I only need a 26 inch cut for the drop (this allows for hems and seams). I am using 54" wide fabric.  I will divide by 11 yards by 2= 5.5 yards. This is the total yardage I will need. I am using a Waverly plaid.

These are the fabrics I chose to use:

Waverly Deco Dots Fruit Punch, Waverly Claire Check Petunia Pear, Waverly Deco Dots white


1. Cut fabric into desired cut sizes.

2. Since I am using a plaid. I have matched the plaid so the intersections will match.

3.  Hem bottom edges 1/2 inch, roll over 1/2 inch and repeat.

4. Finish each side edge by folding the edges over twice by 1/2 inch and sew. I am not joining the individual sections together because of the footboard. I hate it when you purchase a bed skirt and it bunches up at the corner because of the footboard. I am going to overlap the edges at the top, leaving the sides free.

5. Sew a gathering stitch at the top.  I usually sew 2 rows in case the thread breaks. Gently gather the top and pin it to the dust cover.  I have not mentioned that before because I have recycled an old bed skirt and I am using the dust cover deck from it. If you do not have an old bed skirt to recycle, you will need a piece of fabric that measures the width and length of the mattress. Use inexpensive fabric such as muslin or an old bed sheet.  No one will see this part anyway.

6. Sew each section to the deck adjusting gathers to match. Make sure your repeats match. Press finished bed skirt. Position on box springs to make sure of the fit. I use twister pins or safety pins to hold it in the proper position when I place the top mattress over the bed skirt. The pins, also, come in handy if you have made the bed skirt a little long and need to make minor fit adjustments. I am not wrestling that mattress off again!

Now, I said in the beginning I would tell of my mistakes. I only had 4 yards of fabric to work with instead of 5 1/2 so I made my bed skirt 1 1/2 times instead of 2.  Like you, I sometimes miscalculate and, of course, the fabric was sold out.

Our next project will be the duvet cover.


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