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What comes first the fabric or the paint?

April 3, 2008

The answer to this question is simple- Neither! How do you go about planning a project? First you determine the size of your project. Next you determine your budget.  Then you go back and trim your project. I know that I have three rooms I need to revamp:

  • a guest bedroom
  •  my daughter's room ( she moved out)
  • the living room is in desperate need of refreshing

Unfortunately my budget will not fit all three rooms.  In fact, each room will need to be done in stages; I am going to start with the guest bedroom.  The reason is that I have already painted that room an apple green color that is so popular now. I would advise most customers to pick the fabric first then paint. This is a case of do as I say not as I do.

The first step after figuring your budget and projects is to read a magazine. I love to leaf through magazines and cut out pictures of rooms I want to recreate.  I may only like a pillow or a window treatment, but I cut it out. For instance, I fell in love with the guest bedroom in the HGTV dream home giveaway in Key West.  The walls were painted an apple green with the primary colors being black and white with accents of hot pink. This is a great look!  At first, I was going to duplicate this look with minor changes. At the same time, Fabric.com was having a fabulous sale on Waverly fabrics. Being that my budget is extremely tight, it was worth a close look.  I found some fabric that would work with the paint color at a price I could not say no to. It was the Waverly Deco Dots in white and in pink.  I found a lovely plaid to coordinate. There are three projects I want to complete in this room:

  1. New curtains
  2. A new bedskirt
  3. A new duvet with pillow shams


I looked in Donna Babylon's "More Splash Than Cash" Window Treatments book  to estimate the yardage for curtains. I measured my bed and the drop from the mattress to the floor to estimate the yardage for the bed skirt.  I ordered 10% more, it is always better to order more.  Too many times I have ordered to discover I have estimated too little and the fabric was no longer available. 

So far:

  1. Pick a room and decide what you would like to do in the room.
  2. Decide on a budget.
  3. Trim your projects if they will not fit into the budget or break into doable stages.
  4. Determine the yardage required and select a fabric.
  5. Pick a paint to coordinate if the room needs to be painted.
  6. Create a work plan or time line of projects to be completed.
  7. When projects are completed, accessorize for that final wonderful look that has been in your mind

Over the next few months, I will show you what I have done with that apple green bedroom.  You may like it or hate it but it will have the stamp of my personality on it. The first project will be a bedskirt. Stay tuned.

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