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The Fabric Maverick says ... quilters can be pirates according to Mark Lipinski

March 18, 2008





DSCN0065.JPGEvery job has its ups and downs. On one hand I enjoy helping people match fabrics; on the other hand I hate filing. The Fabric Maverick had to buy quilting magazines and read them this weekend. It is a tough job, but someone has to do it.


I do not know how many quilting magazines there are, but there are many available on the market today.  I have selected several at random that are readily available at the grocery store, bookstore or fabric store. I cannot subscribe to all the quilting magazines so I must audition them to see which fit my sewing skills and personality. I have selected five magazines:

1. American Patchwork and Quilting

2. Fons & Porter’s For Love of Quilting

3. McCall’s Quilting

4. Quilter’s Newsletter

5. Quilter’s Home


These are listed randomly and not by my personal preferences.  My review of these magazines is all my own opinions. If you do not agree, that is quite all right. I do subscribe to two of these magazines and may possibly add a third. I am an easy sell.  Does anyone have some swamp land to sell?

Beginning with American Patchwork and Quilting, I will list the positives and negatives.


  • Cover is always inviting
  • Photography is gorgeous
  • There are quilt patterns for all skill levels
  • Quilting instructions are well written
  • Show alternative color options for patterns
  • Show alternative sizes for quilts
  • Always an interview with a current designer



  • Sometimes use the same designer over several issues
  • Could improve teaching methods


Fons & Porters’s Love of Quilting is the best teaching magazine.


  • For each project , there is a separate tear-out sheet detailing how to make a block, use a tool or technique
  • Good variety of projects from beginning levels to advanced levels
  • Well written instructions
  • Offer good tips
  • Great articles on subjects not usually detailed such as how to choose the correct quilting thread
  • Provide different size options for some patterns



  • Sometimes a little too traditional
  • Covers can look cluttered and resemble each other over several months


McCall’s Quilting:


  • Covers are attractive and each cover has a different type of quilt featured. List designers and articles on the cover before turning to the inside
  • Good instructions
  • Wide variety of patterns from small projects to big projects/
  • Good photography



  • No alternative sizes or colors
  • Pages can be a little busy


The Quilters Newsletter is meant for the quilter who is ready to challenge themselves.


  • It is very serious
  • Appeals to advanced quilters and fabric artists
  • Good articles on the historical aspects of quilting



  • Not for beginners
  • Very advanced quilts with limited instructions


Quilters Home is a magazine to make you take a less serious look at yourself. This magazine is total fun. It is the brainchild of Mark Lipinski. I cannot begin to describe his tongue-in-cheek style of writing. It is quite similar to my style. Here is an excerpt from “Mark my Word” on appearances and stereotypes.

‘Most of us are way past college age (some of us are waaay past college age), and gravity and calories have taken their toll. That’s a bad combination, btw. Age+ gravity+ weight = the kiss of death. Add to that a passion for quilting and the needle arts and well, sister, most people think they has us quilters figured out, then discounted long ago.’ What he goes on to say is that the same person may have danced naked at Woodstock or protested the atom bomb. Our hobbies or passions do not define us as people. What other magazine would compare a quilter to a swashbuckling pirate?

I am also jealous that with his first name, Mark, he has developed regular articles such as “Mark my Word” and “Question Mark”.  This is no teaching magazine; it is pure inspiration. It tells about new trends, designers, in-depth product reviews and some quilt patterns. You do not have to agree with his opinions, but you will leave feeling invigorated and a little more creative. Also Mark has a posse. Where is the Fabric Mavericks’s posse?


Take some time and look at a few of the many quilt magazines available and see what suits your style.








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Maverick, I would be honored to be a member of your Posse. Besides, don't all Mavericks need a posse hot on their heels?:-) Love the blog, keep up the good work. Take care, Cory

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