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The Fabric Maverick says... It's time to let go of your UFO's

February 5, 2008

For the uninitiated, a UFO is an unfinished object.  It could be a quilting project or sewing project. The Fabric Maverick cannot cast the first stone.  I have so many unfinished projects that I have lost count. Who has not started a quilt for a newborn child that is still unfinished?

On the cover of a recent issue of Quilt Home, I saw an article titled "When is it time to let a UFO die". I didn't have time to read the article, but it started me thinking. What a revolutionary thought that I could not finish a project! It made me think of my own reasons to let a UFO die a peaceful death.  I am sure some of these reasons will touch a cord with you.

Let your UFO go when:

  1. You have forgotten why you were making it.
  2. The pattern is lost.
  3. The fabric is rotting
  4. Your UFO's are making you feel so guilty that you cannot go forward
  5. Your UFO's outnumber your finished projects.
  6. The baby you were making the quilt for is graduating from college.
  7. The room you were making the quilt for has been decorated twice already and none of the colors will match.
  8. You cannot find enough of the fabric you started with to finish the quilt. You need to make a decision to make it smaller or donate the fabric.
  9. You decide you hate the fabric.  What were you thinking when you bought it?

I have to think some of these reasons were included in that article.  I am sure that you can add more.  Isn't this liberating?  It is like letting go of a ball and chain around your feet!

What are the benefits of letting your UFO die?

  1. There is much more room in your house.
  2. Increased creativity because you no longer need to feel guilty.
  3. You can claim a tax deduction for donated fabric.
  4. You can buy more fabric for your stash. You now have room for it.

There will be a temporary twinge of pain when you let your UFO die, but I promise that the new fabric will take the pain away.


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