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Minky- A Fabric Not Just For Babies!

February 14, 2008

Haley bean bag1.jpgThere is an old movie with Cary Grant and Doris Day called "That Touch of Mink".  If there had been Minky available then, I am sure that animal-loving Doris Day would have starred in "That Touch of Minky". Minky is as soft as mink and made of 100% polyester. It is washable and durable.  It is, of course, perfect for decorating nurseries. If you are making a gift for a baby or creating a nursery, you might want to look at our selections of Sew Baby patterns and Donna Babylon patterns.

Haley bean bag.jpgIf you think outside the box, Minky can also be used for other things.  I was challenged last year to create a slipcover for a Foof.  For those unfamiliar with a Foof, think of something similar to a beanbag chair. The person wanted to use the plush Minky.  I was dubious. I had never worked with Minky. I had never created a pattern or sewn a slipcover.  We calculated the yardage by measuring the length and width of the Foof.  We estimated 5 yards of minky would be needed to complete the slipcover. That is a lot of Minky!  When I cut the fabric into the pattern pieces, imagine my surprise when black Minky went everywhere. It was on me, on the cutting table, on the floor and even the cats. After vacuuming the fuzz up, I carefully pinned everything together.  Since I was making a slipcover, I used upholstery thread and a size 16 needle. I discovered that it would probably be best to increase my stitch length slightly.  The Minky was not hard to sew. I did use a lot of pins. One of the things I liked about the Minky was that if I made a bobble in my straight stitch, the pile of the Minky hid my mistakes. Minky is very forgiving.  I was even able to sew a 48" zipper in it with no problem.  Surprisingly, the slipcover fit like a glove. At least I was surprised.  There is a little stretch to hide some miscalculations.   You may recognize our model above - Stephen's daughter Halle.  It looks very comfortable..Minky also makes great pillows and robes. We have a variety of Minky fabrics from animal prints to a new paisley print.

 For Valentine's Day, we created a Valentine pillow for a special little girl.

poket-pillow.jpgMelanie has offered a list of tips for working with Minky- See our second blog of the day for Melanie's minky tips.

Daniel in our IT department has been waiting for us to publish his "Ode to Minky".  He is our "Prints Charming".

Here it is:

Let me tell you a little story about a fabric named Minky. Minky, oh sweet Minky! You are so pink. Many try to imitate you, but none succeed. There's Dimple Dot, Curly, Zebra, and Swirl. But none can match the elegance of Minky Micro Plush Strawberry Pink.

But Tiger comes close.

Okay, Daniel, you are now a published author.


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