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It's Raining Gum Drop Pillows!

February 28, 2008

Amy Butler’s Gum Drop pillows that is! Every once in a while we come across a pattern that sparks creative fires here at Fabric.com. This pattern is a fine example of that phenomenon.  I decided to make this pattern as a unique way to display fabrics at a tradeshow. When I brought it into the office it garnered quite a share of attention. It seemed everyone had unique ideas and creative thoughts regarding this little gem of a pillow pattern. What is a Gum Drop pillow you ask?  Well to start with it is not a typical square pillow, it is an ottoman.  The pattern has two sizes, an 18” wide x 9” high and 24” wide x 12” high. The body consists of eight equal panels and one top panel. It is a pillow you interact with-Sit on it, rest your back on it, prop your feet on it or just admire it!  Amy’s new home décor line Nigella is perfect for this pattern.  Nigella is medium weight twill with a very soft hand.  The designs are an exotic blend of Neo Victorian florals and motifs that are sure to refresh any interior.  Easy to make yet dramatic in style, this pattern begs you to coordinate and customize!

 While Nigella is an excellent fabric selection this pattern adapts to many different fabrics and personalities.  Take a few cues from our staff and create your special pillow for family and friends. Laurie paired novelty cotton prints with denim and heavyweight twill to create darling youth gum drop pillows for her two toddler sons. No fighting over these pillows as each has their name embroidered on the top panel. Laurie reports that this is their special seating for nighttime stories. 

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Gum-Drop-Sam-n-Erick.jpg Moniqa used denim and Moda Funky Monkey to create gum drop pillows as a house-warming gift for her niece and nephew.  Clever and creative, she added side pockets for convenience and storage!

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Moniqa Gum drop pillow.jpg

I used poly cotton twill and an Alexander Henry print to create extra seating around the table in my family room. Surely I can't be the only person who eats at the coffee table!


I also paired dupioni silk and Amy Butler wood fern to create a large elegant ottoman perfect for the boudoir. 


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Nancy-Gum-drop-pillow2.jpg I could not resist the retro and mod home decor fabrics for my best friend’s two “tweener” girls.  They love their special “cozy up” and watch “High School Musical” pillows!

nancy 082.JPGI have been very busy making the gum drop pillow but I haven’t had the time to make the one version I am most excited about….Alfresco.  I can just see what a hit these pillows will be on my deck in the spring and summer. Fabric.com always gets a beautiful shipment of outdoor fabrics and I can't wait to create extra outdoor seating for my “Do-Drop-In” friends.

As always happy sewing and please share your Gum Drop ideas with us.

Ciao for now!


nancy 086.JPG



P.S.  If you make a gum drop pillow , you too might get a sweet thank you note like this:

Gum Drop letter.jpg

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I love your gum drops cushions, they are so cute!:)
I bought Amy Butler's gum drops pattern and have yet to try it out.
My husband bought me a Singer CE100 sewing machine, and I am figuring out on how to use the machine...heheh *blush* Yes, I am new to sewing and I am a dinosaur sewer, which means that I made all my craft works, like stuffed toys and some decorative pillows/cushions by hand...*sighs* Using sewing machine will definitely be faster and completed in half the time, I spent on sewing them by hand...

Amy Butler's patterns are so divine and unique...and I bet you it will be mentally challenging if I am to sew the gum drops cushions by hand!!!!...WOW eeks and NOW, I wanted to ask is what kind of stuffing you use for these cushions...you stuffed them with polyfill? Is it enough to withhold the weight if someone is to sit on it? Are those strictly for children to sit on, I have seen the pattern cover which featured an Adult female model putting up her feet and use it as an ottoman.

In some articles, shredded foam is used to make cushions/pillows? huh... what is that? *clueless*

I rate myself as a dinosaur novie sewer heh...*embarrassed*.

I hope that I will be able to master the use of my new sewing machine, my first project *gulp* will be making these gum drops cushions for my eldest stepson, whose 18 years old and wants to move out and rent an apartment near his college. And he asked me to make him some cushions/pillows and do upholstery works. We plan to check out the Salvation/Goodwill Store for used furniture, in Jonesboro, AR. He studies PreMed at the Arkansas State University.

So I promised him.

I wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to you because your expecting a baby boy...*hugs* and KUDOS on an interesting and informative blog!

God bless and keep up blogging!


Well Nancy those are mighty precious! I will have to add those to the to do list for the nursery. I'm sure my other three children will want one too:) I see a lot of sewing in my future! Thank you my sweet friend!


i want to make one for my little boy..

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