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The Fabric Maverick says... Stop being a victim of "Creeping Clutter"!

January 29, 2008

As January draws to a close, it is time to organize. This is a prelude to Spring Cleaning.

There are two kinds of people in the world:

  1. The person who has everything in its proper place. (Their home looks like an operating room)
  2. The person who can't find anything when they look for it the first time. (Welcome to my house)

Of course, if it were not for these two kinds of people there would not be a market for organizing solutions.

One of the interesting things to do in January is to look at magazines for organizational tips. I selected three magazines at random-Country Living (January issue), Woman's Day (Feb. 1st issue) and Creative Home (Spring issue). I enjoyed all of the articles especially the "ABC's of Organizing" in Woman's Day.

Here are some general tips from the experts and personal thoughts from the Fabric Maverick:

  1. Start small. You will feel you have accomplished something when you are finished. You will feel encouraged to continue.
  2. Mark a date on your calendar for large projects such as cleaning a closet.
  3. Before you leave in the morning, spend 10 minutes putting things in their place.
  4. When you come home at night, spend another 10 minutes putting things in their proper place.
  5. Beware of the "Just for Now" syndrome. It is easy to walk through the door and place our things in the first convenient place. It usually stays there for several days.
  6. Do not try to organize more than one area at a time.
  7. Sort mail immediately. Throw out the junk mail.

This was the most useful tip- Create a staging area by the front door.  It can be a crate or desk top. As you get ready in the morning, place those things that you will need for the day by the door. As you walk out, you will have everything ready to go.

This was the most unexpected tip- Create a rolodex or file with all your passwords for different websites. I forget my passwords daily.  I would suggest placing this in a secure place.

The Fabric Maverick suffers from Creeping Clutter. I confess all my projects run together. As I was writing this article, I took a good look at my cutting table. It was not a pretty sight!  Leftover Christmas projects were crowding Valentine projects. All these projects covered up my block of the month project. Where is the Easter project I was working on? No wonder that sometimes I feel the creativity draining away. It can be overwhelming! I am sure that sometimes you also feel this way. Take back your space!

  1. Remove all projects. I placed a basket next to my work area and put all the UFO's in the basket. Do not let the basket overflow. When it reaches the top, you must finish several projects before starting a new project. 
  2. Work on only one project at a time. Put your tools up when you are finished.
  3. Keep your pattern with the project. You cannot finish the project if you have lost the pattern.

In my sewing room, I have a peg board where I hang all my rulers and cutting tools. I use shoe organizers to store my fat quarters by color.  I have seen CD towers used for the same purpose. Larger pieces of fabric go into baskets in an old bookcase I am not using.  I have another bookcase filled with quilting magazines, sewing books and baskets of thread.  When I walk into this room, I feel relaxed and ready to sew.

I hope that one of these ideas will be a cure for your "Creeping Clutter".

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