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It's a New Year and it's a new you

January 1, 2008

About this time, you are being bombarded with information on exercising, losing weight and organizing your life. You have probably made New Year's Resolutions about these and more. I know I have plans to do all three.  My biggest challenge will be putting exercise into my life. My former thoughts on exercising were to lie down on the couch until the feeling went away. You will note I do not use that four-letter word "diet".  Diet implies that this is a short term plan. I have faced the bitter reality that this should be a life plan and found a program that works for my life. This is the only way that diets and exercise plans will work for anyone. Find something that works for your lifestyle.

Walking continues to be one of the most beneficial exercises. I continue to be amazed at how many ways you can walk. There is interval walking. Now there is Nordic walking. In the Feb.12th issue of Woman's Day magazine, Nordic walking looks like cross-country skiing with no snow or footgear, but with poles. Interesting. Your exercise choice may be aerobics, Pilates, yoga, etc. 

Now the question is, what kind of clothes do you need to exercise? Most of my reading suggests clothes that stretch with the body for maximum range of movement. We have many suitable fabrics for exercise wear: stretch knits. These include interlock knits, jersey knits, velour, sweatshirt fabrics, etc. Jalie patterns is a Canadian company which specializes in active wear clothing. One of our most popular patterns is JP-2676. This is a jogging suit. We may not be the most graceful or flexible, but we will look good while we are doing it. If yoga is your bag, we have found a free pattern at Amy Butler's web site for a yoga bag: http://www.amybutlerdesign.com/pdfs/NigellaYogaBag.pdf. It is made from her collection of Nigella fabrics.

Whatever you do, we encourage you to find an activity that works for your lifestyle. There is an activity out there for everyone no matter their age or fitness level. January should be the month of TAKING CARE OF YOU.


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