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How To Pamper Yourself

January 10, 2008

Last week in Atlanta when temperatures dipped into the teens, I realized that winter was really here. I actually had to put on a couple of sweaters and a coat. I know our friends in the North are thinking "If I only had it so good." (I also know my sisters in the Midwest would give me a slap on the back of the head.) As my skin felt the effects of the winter wind, I vowed to use the sugar scrub recipe that the Fabric Maverick had in her last blog.

Leslie Brown Minky Blanket.jpgLeslie, in Customer Care, has sewn a lovely faux fur throw-great for cuddling under. I am sure that you will want to make one, too. This is the essence of pampering-when you cuddle under this throw on a cold winter's night. For her fabrics, she selected our yarn-dyed flannel (BE-007) which is currently in our Winter Blowout Sale and a faux fur from last year's selections. Every sewer has her stash. Her throw is approximately 60 inches x 60 inches, but a full 2 yard length will make a truly luxurious size throw. Both fabrics were prewashed  fabrics and then she actually just sewed a very large pillowcase. Place right sides together. Sew, leaving about a 4-inch opening for turning. Turn right side out and finish by slipstitching the opening closed.

Here are some tips recommended by Threads magazine for working with faux fur. These steps will help ensure your success:

  1. Cut in a single layer.
  2. Use long pins with visible heads.
  3. If you need to cut the fur, use a razor or craft knife to cut through backing only. Cut at a slight angle. This will reduce shedding.
  4. Use a 1/2 inch seam.
  5. Use a walking foot. Fur is very bulky. It will help if you hold the fabric layers up in the front of the machine to reduce the weight of the fabric.
  6. Use a size 14 or 16 machine needle and a longer stitch length. If the faux fur has a knitted back, you will want to use a ballpoint needle.
  7. Release fur fibers with a small plastic comb if they are caught in the seam.
  8. Sew seams in the same direction the fur runs.

 We have several spa patterns for pampering yourself:  FT-054- Favorite Things Spa Gift Set pattern includes a scented neck roll. Or try FT-053- Favorite Things Spa Slip on Slippers. Both can be warmed in the microwave to keep the chill off. Chenille is an excellent choice of fabric.

Now if I can talk Leslie out of her throw and make myself some toasty warm slippers, I will never be cold again.


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I was trying to get the "chalk cloth placemats". Can't seem to find it. Please help............thanks

I too was looking for the placemat instructions. Link is incorrect

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