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The Holidays are coming....Don't panic...yet

November 6, 2007


Continue not to panic. I will let you know when the official panic line has been crossed and you are welcome to forward that message to family and friends as a Crafter's "Get out of Jail Free" card. I might even be able to whip up something all official looking in photoshop for you to print and hand out either before each freak-out or after; it is your preference. But before you go planning what documents you may or may not need to preserve your sanity or to present to a judge in court, let's sit down and look at some options.

Yes, Christmas is right around the corner. But it is one of those really long corners with the long line around it that is moving so slowly you brought a book to read while you wait. You have some time. But if you are sitting there shaking your head, holding up your mile and 2/3 long list of family and friends who are eagerly anticipating handmade goodness for the holidays, continue not to panic. Go make a cup of coffee (make one for me too, please. I like foam!) and check out what your pals at Fabric.com have for you. We have come up with some great ideas for your loved ones this year. Some of these ideas are found and some we put together ourselves. No matter where they come from, you are sure to find a few things that you can do and will be proud to give.

Some of you might have heard of Lisa Lam. She runs the blog CraftBoom which is a wealth of info for those interested in the craft business. Well, she posted a list of 15 quick & easy Holiday items to sell. It is a great list, but I thought to myself: "Self, why don't you post this for those who are interested in 15 quick projects to GIVE." I instantly agreed with myself and here we are and, more importantly, here is the list:

  1. Garlands (check out Heather's Here)
  2. Mobiles (Here is a great Autumn mobile by Turkey Feathers that can easily be made for winter)
  3. Ornaments/Decorations
  4. Tree Ornaments
  5. Candle Holders
  6. Bags/Purses
  7. Napkin Rings, Placemats, Seating card holders
  8. Scented Candles
  9. Christmas Cards/Wrapping paper (Check out how to wrap your presents in Fabric!)
  10. Christmas Stockings (Here are some really cozy sweater stocking by Posie gets Cozy)
  11. Baby Bibs, soft toys
  12. Doggie Jackets
  13. Scarves, mittens, socks, hats
  14. Hair Decorations (Martha has some great Button Hair Pins)
  15. Brooches (Try this great tutorial by Blair Peter for Fabric Flower Pins)

Lisa gives some great examples and descriptions on her blog so be sure to check out the complete list.


Here are some additional items, we thought of here at Fabric.com Headquarters:

  1. Pincushions (I know how tired it seems, but there are sewers out there with old tomato pincushions who don't even know how cute they can be...help them. Plus you can put them in a bowl for a festive center piece!)
  2. Christmas Tree skirt
  3. Festive Holiday Wreath: Just like Posie Gets Cozy. Totally awesome
  4. Soft Trees (Try Little Birds Pattern. I just love these!)

And if you really run out of time, you can bake some pumpkin bread or cookies (don't forget to sign up for Food Network's 12 days of cookies). Finally, if you have to give a present and you have, seriously, 5 min in which to prepare. Quickly, find a sheet of paper and write down an IOU, with a smiley face and give them the biggest hug ever. Don't forget to give them a quick glace at the one mile and 2/3 long list just so they know that you are as good as your word.

Most important, these are the holidays. Enjoy your friends and family. No one will remember in 5 years that you needed a few extra days (ok, weeks) to finish and make their special gift perfect. They will remember that you did make it just for them and will love it even more.

As always check out our great selection of Holiday & Christmas fabric for your holiday gifts or our Retro & Mod section for the present that lasts throughout the year! 

Happy Holidays and Breath!

P.s. Get your great Fabric.com Gift Certificates Here and check out our Gifter's Gallery for the fabric junkie in your life! 

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Great gift ideas! Thanks for the help.

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