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Accidental Cat Lady?

October 24, 2007

max.jpgI have always loved animals and I grew up with lots of pets, but this is crazy!  About 2 years ago, I was living happily with my two older cats Mitzi and Mac until one fateful day when strange noises started coming from the garage.  At least 2 days passed before we identified what the funny squeaking noise was...A two week old black and white kitten, his eyes still shut just barley hanging on to life.  We rushed to the vet and were told not to get our hopes up but that we could try and nurse the kitten to health. Nurse the kitten we did. Every 2 hours (yes middle of the night too) we heated special kitten milk and fed this tiny thing. He went along to tennis matches, friends houses, even on our  vacation so he wouldn't miss a feeding.My husband named him Max and we gave him lots of love. We do not max2.jpghave children of our own and this little kitty became our child substitute and still is.  Max is now a fat cat who runs our house! In the meantime Max's mom took up residency in our backyard and had three more litters of kittens. In our basement, under the deck...it was kitty city.  We worked with a kitten rescue group and were able to provide veterinary attention (spayed & shots) as well as find homes for most of her kittens.  Mom is now spayed, vaccinated and living with us.  The cats "r" us dust has settled and now my husband I have a total of 6 cats!  Max, of course, is the boss.


  cat-pillow-details.jpgSo why the story?  If you have read any of my earlier blogs then you know my home decor is inspired by my life passions. When I first saw the Alexander Henry Elizakitten  fabric of Victorian costumed cats I  knew I had come across a unique print. It screamed "NANCY'S HOUSE".  The cats on this print resemble Max, Sunny, Lari, Mac, Momma and NB (New Buddy) looking donned and regal.  Within seconds I knew I was going to make decorative throw pillows.  I wanted these to be nice so I consulted my sewing mentor and Max's babysitter Vicki.  Not only is Vicki a very talented seamstress she is also very creative and she had some ideas of her own.  She suggested that we cut the frames out, center Max and assemble the rest of the court in the corners. Brilliant! She thought of exactly what I wanted.  We selected brown soft suede, gold gimp and down pillow forms. Vicki wanted to share her quilting experience with me and offered to help during lunch time hours. Well we stay on the go around here and this lunchtime project just wasn't happening.  Finally I asked her to please sew them and send me a bill. Thankfully she agreed!

cat-pillow.jpg I ask you...are they not FABULOUS?


Where we get our inspiration from is different for everyone.  If you are crazy about your pets or love animals check out our animal print section and see what inspires you. 

The creative lot here is constantly coming up with new ideas and projects. We enjoy sharing them with each other and hope that you are enjoying them too!

Happy Sewing!

Ciao for now!




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Couldn't help but comment as I, also, am an accidental Cat Lady. I started out with Inari (black and white female) and now have 6 cats (thanks to my 2 adult sons - one who has moved back home with his 2 cats and the other who lives in a dorm and can't keep his 2 cats with him). During the floods in August of this year (2007), we kept hearing mewling sounds outside and finally located / rescued our newest addition, MEW. She is now four months old and a beautiful long-hair grey tortoiseshell. Needless to say, I'm beginning to make cat quilts, cat fabric laptop bags, cat vests, etc.

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