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Quilting Seeds

September 12, 2007

Hello, I am Victoria Bryant.  I am fortunate to work in Fabric.com's Customer Service Department.  I work with customers everyday to achieve their fabric visions.

This is my philosophy- All people create.  At one time or another, we want to create something with our hands. Your  medium could be cooking, gardening, painting, yarn craft ( knitting,crocheting), wood working or sewing.  Women, of course, do several of these. If sewing is your creative tool, it is not dirty,not fattening, and the results are long lasting.

My love is quilting. Cotton is the fabric of my life. I credit my grandmother with sowing the quilting seeds. As a child, I remember her creating templates from Kleenex boxes, and carefully cutting her fabrics from cast off clothing.  She would create her quilt tops during the summer. I knew it was Fall, not only by the weather, but by Grandmother setting up her huge wood quilting frame.  She would handquilt several tops in a season. I cannot see a Kansas City Star quilt pattern without thinking of my Grandmother. Even now I have one of her quilts lying at the foot of my bed.  The colors are still bright even though the fabrics are slightly worn.  It comforts me in times of crisis, to pick out the scraps of  my sisters's dresses. It is time for me to start sowing some seeds of my own.  In honor of my grandmother and the Halloween season,  I have created a very simple "Trick or Treat" bag. I used the Scaredy Cat charm pack from Moda. Any fall themed fabric would work such as Acorn Hollow. These also could be used for potpourri .  We have some great fall selections available at his time. This is a great use for charm packs.  Many customers ask what to do with charm packs.  That will be a future topic. I hope that this very simple project will get someone started quilting.  The treat bags are very simple. No cutting involved.  Select 2 charms. Place wrong sides together and sew 3 sides creating a bag to fill with candy or your choice of items for those special trick or treaters.


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