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Fall Fashion Forecast 2007 Vol II

September 28, 2007

ww2_vj_day_kiss.jpg  La Vie des Années Quarante! (The Life of the 1940's)

Silhouettes for fall 2007 are varied, wide ranging and reminiscent of the 1940's. There is truly something for everyone to update their wardrobe with. Lady-like styles including softly tailored jackets and dresses are some of the best updates. You can choose any length of skirt that suits your figure from the mini to an A-line skirt at your lower calf. Pants can be super skinny or the wider leg variety like Lauren Becall would have worn. Add a great new fall color or accessory, and you are up to date! We have a great selection of Fall Fashion fabrics ranging from our Wool Gaberdine & Suiting (check out our great suiting in our Everything's $1.95/yard) for pants to our new Corduroy for jackets.

Speaking of jackets. One of the best features you could sport for fall is a nipped waist. There are tricks to perform in case your waist isn't already ''nipped.'' Princess seaming in a jacket or blouse will reveal curves that may be just barely there. Add a belt or a sash, and you could be amazed at what you see in the mirror. Wool coatings and wool meltons will make this style of jacket appropriate as outerwear. Another trend in jackets is a ¾ length or bracelet sleeve. For colder climates, these jackets will require a longer glove. They are very 1940's without the giant shoulders. Add a great glove, and you have a great update.    

Pants and trousers this season can seem confusing because the trendiest styles are totally opposite. Skinny is still ''in'' and if you are tall and thin, this is a great trend for you. Add volume on the top to balance out the skinny silhouette with a voluminous top for evening, or a chunky sweater and a scarf for day. The other end of the spectrum is the higher waist and wider leg trousers a la 1940, Check out Erica's wonderful wide leg pants here, note how she works in that great belt to show off her waist! A wool gabardine will add some drape to the trousers and give them some warmth and substance.Or if you are looking for something lighter for the transitional period try our great selection of suitings.


pencil skirt.jpg



Pencil Skirts and A-line skirts pair nicely with lady-like blouses for fall. A-line skirts need a fabric with movement and some flow. Try the pencil skirt to the left with our Wool Blend Tweed Suiting and Simplicity pattern 5259. The Soft Suede is a terrific fall fabric, and would update an A-line skirt pattern you already have. Pencil skirts need structure. Wool gabardine or even a dull satin like Duchess Satin are both great choices.




Don't forget to have fun. Make your A-line out of quilting cotton or a great vintage tablecloth, like Tuesday's. Try our Retro and Mod Section to brighten up your fall wardrobe. Wear the funky prints with a solid color top for work or Polka Dots for a night out! Throw on a Corduroy Blazer and cashmere scarf to finish it out.







ruffle shirt.jpg

The blouses have accents like long thin bows at the neck or ruffles on either side of the placket. To capture the richness of the season, create your blouse in a charmeuse satin. For a crisp alternative, use our Japanese Shirting. Try this Vogue pattern to make your own. We recommend Charmuse Satin in Butterscotch or Sweetheart Satin Antique Gold to bring some warmth and shiny into your closet.  




As always we, here at fabric.com, look forward to seeing what you create for fall. When we can't find great ideas in our Sew & Tell Gallery, we troll the craft blogs. Either way, we are loving everything you create. Don't be shy drop us a line and tell us your ideas or better yet, show us! Post your pictures in our Gallery. Have a great season!

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