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Fall Fashion Forecast 2007 Vol II

September 28, 2007

ww2_vj_day_kiss.jpg  La Vie des Années Quarante! (The Life of the 1940's)

Silhouettes for fall 2007 are varied, wide ranging and reminiscent of the 1940's. There is truly something for everyone to update their wardrobe with. Lady-like styles including softly tailored jackets and dresses are some of the best updates. You can choose any length of skirt that suits your figure from the mini to an A-line skirt at your lower calf. Pants can be super skinny or the wider leg variety like Lauren Becall would have worn. Add a great new fall color or accessory, and you are up to date! We have a great selection of Fall Fashion fabrics ranging from our Wool Gaberdine & Suiting (check out our great suiting in our Everything's $1.95/yard) for pants to our new Corduroy for jackets.

Speaking of jackets. One of the best features you could sport for fall is a nipped waist. There are tricks to perform in case your waist isn't already ''nipped.'' Princess seaming in a jacket or blouse will reveal curves that may be just barely there. Add a belt or a sash, and you could be amazed at what you see in the mirror. Wool coatings and wool meltons will make this style of jacket appropriate as outerwear. Another trend in jackets is a ¾ length or bracelet sleeve. For colder climates, these jackets will require a longer glove. They are very 1940's without the giant shoulders. Add a great glove, and you have a great update.    

Pants and trousers this season can seem confusing because the trendiest styles are totally opposite. Skinny is still ''in'' and if you are tall and thin, this is a great trend for you. Add volume on the top to balance out the skinny silhouette with a voluminous top for evening, or a chunky sweater and a scarf for day. The other end of the spectrum is the higher waist and wider leg trousers a la 1940, Check out Erica's wonderful wide leg pants here, note how she works in that great belt to show off her waist! A wool gabardine will add some drape to the trousers and give them some warmth and substance.Or if you are looking for something lighter for the transitional period try our great selection of suitings.


pencil skirt.jpg



Pencil Skirts and A-line skirts pair nicely with lady-like blouses for fall. A-line skirts need a fabric with movement and some flow. Try the pencil skirt to the left with our Wool Blend Tweed Suiting and Simplicity pattern 5259. The Soft Suede is a terrific fall fabric, and would update an A-line skirt pattern you already have. Pencil skirts need structure. Wool gabardine or even a dull satin like Duchess Satin are both great choices.




Don't forget to have fun. Make your A-line out of quilting cotton or a great vintage tablecloth, like Tuesday's. Try our Retro and Mod Section to brighten up your fall wardrobe. Wear the funky prints with a solid color top for work or Polka Dots for a night out! Throw on a Corduroy Blazer and cashmere scarf to finish it out.







ruffle shirt.jpg

The blouses have accents like long thin bows at the neck or ruffles on either side of the placket. To capture the richness of the season, create your blouse in a charmeuse satin. For a crisp alternative, use our Japanese Shirting. Try this Vogue pattern to make your own. We recommend Charmuse Satin in Butterscotch or Sweetheart Satin Antique Gold to bring some warmth and shiny into your closet.  




As always we, here at, look forward to seeing what you create for fall. When we can't find great ideas in our Sew & Tell Gallery, we troll the craft blogs. Either way, we are loving everything you create. Don't be shy drop us a line and tell us your ideas or better yet, show us! Post your pictures in our Gallery. Have a great season!

Design Inspiration with Lauren

September 25, 2007

Khaki & Robins Egg.jpg

One of my many joys (or chores depending on the day) is to create custom design coordinate groups for our customers to use as a guide, inspiration or template for their homes. Since you know your schedule and your family's needs, how you use these groups is entirely up to you. But isn't it great to have some of the work done for you! I research market trends and color combinations and hunt through our warehouse to bring you fabric combinations that include color, pattern and texture that will work perfectly together so all you need to know is which colors work for you and your rooms and your yardage needs. I hope these postings will be the next best thing to hiring an interior decorator. About once a month I will feature a new design inspiration, whether it be your dream bathroom or that family dining room you have always dreamed of. First, let's focus on the center of the home, that family room or great room. Since this room will probably be the most popular and most used, it needs to feel calm, crisp and clean (even if it isn't). 

  couch2.jpg Let's use our Khaki and Robins Egge Blue Collection. It has just the right amout of color without being overwhelming and the blue with khaki is very refreshing without being washed out. The sofa would look great with P. Kaufmann Sarita Cocoa. This pattern should hide dirt and light stains that little hands tend to share but with still look great when friends drop by.

jaquard pillow.jpg UC-476 pillow.jpg


  Don't forget the pillows for extra Pop and comfort on movie night. Try 2 in P. Kaufmann Jacquard Picnic Check Azure and 2 in P. Kaufmann Vassar Paisley Horizon. Both prints with compliment the sofa beautifully.
    club chair.jpg DPSR-004.jpg Next we will need some extra seating. Try pairing to comfy but stylish club chairs with our new Matleesse in Ivory. This will add duribility and texture to really make your room come to together. On the windows, I love the idea of roll up shades with Dupioni Silk Bisque on the underside (to show just a hint when you let the light in) and P. Kaufmann Yazman Cocoa on top as the dominate.UC-492.jpg Finish off your room with accents of Chocolate Brown, Ivory and Blue to really bring in that clean, airy feeling. It will look like you paid high dollar and spent hours pouring over design books, when all you really did was jump online amd visit my hand picked collections! Be sure to post pictures of you finished rooms or design inspirations in our Sew & Tell Gallery. And don't forget, I am here if you have any questions and would love to hear what rooms you are looking for advice or just a few tips.

Enjoy your home,



Coming Down With Fall Fever

September 24, 2007

Pupmkinfinal.JPGIf I said I have always liked Fall, well, I'd be lying.  Returning to school always seemed to overshadow any pleasure I may have found in this season.  Now that I'm older and free as a bird, I have decided that Fall is probably my favorite season.  If I had to name the number one reason for this, I would have to say it's due to the rich palette of colors coming from the leaves and other seasonal vegetation.  I combined this adoration of beautiful reds, oranges and yellows with one of my favorite fabrics (Dupioni Silk) in my newest project - a pumpkin.   

I got the idea for this project from Tara's Blog not too long ago on Halloween projects.    I took the pincushion project, but scaled it up quite a bit. For my pumpkin, circle.JPGI used a circle that was roughly 16 inches in diameter - you can use a mixing bowl or any round object (I used a cat toy). You want it to be big enough to get a decent sized pumpkin, but not so big that you can't get an upholstery needle through the middle once it's stuffed. Cut out 2 pieces of orange fabric and sew around the edge using a 1/2" seam allowance, making sure to stop a few inches short to leave an opening for turning.  Once you are finished sewing your circles together, turn the fabric right side out and push all the seams out (so you have a nice circle again).

pumpkinstuffed.JPGNext, stuff your pumpkin to where it is pretty tightly packed, but still kind of fluffy.  I used just a cheap bag of poly filling I had laying around, and I found that it worked better if you kept the filling coming in a constant piece, as opposed to ripping off little pieces and putting them in.  When I worked with smaller pieces, my pumpkin was lumpy (my apologies to all the veteran pillow and toy stuffers out there who know the stuffing-ropes.  If I did this wrong, please note that I am a COMPLETE novice at this).   Once stuffed, you can slip stitch the opening closed. 

pumpkintied.JPGTo make pumpkin sections, grab your longest upholstery needle and a coordinating embroidery floss (for bigger pumpkins, you'll probably need the whole skein of floss). Depending on the size of your pumpkin, select the number of threads you want to use (I used all 6 and doubled them up).  If your pumpkin is on the large size, yarn would even work well.  Tie a nice big knot at the end of the string, find the center of your pumpkin, and put your needle to work.  If you used a pretty big circle, you'll really need to squeeze it flat to get the needle through to the middle of the other side.  Once through, pull the thread tight and bring the needle back to the bottom and back into the center, so that the thread stays on the outside of the pumpkin and creates a ridge.  Do this 5-7 more times (make sure to keep that thread tight), creating 6-8 even sections (depending on size and looks). 

leaffinished.JPGFor my leaf, I did a quick search of the Internet for an image of a pumpkin leaf and used it as a pattern.  I  cut out 2 pieces and sewed them together, leaving an opening at the base to turn it right side out and push the leaf points out.  You could make this step easier by using one layer of green felt, but I'm a sucker for silk so I kept going with it.  To give the leaf more detail, I did a quick blanket stitch around the edge with embroidery floss in a darker shade of green. 


stem.JPGFor the stem, I took a scrap of the green silk I used for the leaf, folded it in half, and sewed a curved line down 2 adjacent sides (see image).  I turned it, stuffed it, ran a quick stitch through the top, and pulled it closed like a drawstring bag (make sure to put a couple knots to hold the hole closed).  

pumpkin curlies.jpgSome floral wire wrapped in floral tape and spiraled around a pen made the little curlies. I stretched the wire out a little and tucked it under one of the section strings at the halfway-point of the wire.  Finally, I hot glued the curly wire and the leaf down into the center of the pumpkin and then hot glued the stem on top of them to hide the knots and unfinished edges.  I added an inexpensive bunch of silk leaves for accent and placed it all on a small table in my living room.

Part of what I like about projects like this is the ability to tweak and modify it to your own whims.  Tara had mentioned making smaller pumpkins and using them as garland, whereas I envisioned a larger version as a center piece.  I may even buy some black felt and make some temporary Jack-O-Lantern eyes and a mouth for Halloween.  If this project inspires your creativity, I want to see!  Post it up on the Sew & Tell Gallery and let us all share in the Fall-time fun!

Happy Stitching!

Fall Fashion Forecast: Vol 1

September 21, 2007

Fall Fashion Forecast 2007


Colors to wear

Black is back! Did anyone really let it leave? Women always turn to shades of black to look sophisticated, to look slimmer (of course) and to make getting dressed easier. Fall and winter 2007 embrace ebony, raven and midnight as very chic, but there are colors to look for as well. Shades of grey are the new classic staple for Fall replacing chocolate brown. Grey comes in many wearable shades and can be worn with many colors. If you don't like greys near your face, pick up a pair of trousers in grey.  Add a colorful scarf at your neck with a grey coat or sweater. Check out our new patterns in the Amy Butler Nigella Line. It is chock full of greys mixed with this years hot colors or greens and pinks.


The trendy color for Fall 2007 is magenta/fuchsia pink. Not only does it look fresh and fabulous with greys, it will go with all the browns you already have in your wardrobe! You can go head to toe is this jewel-tone shade of pink, or stick with accessorizing with it. The most up-to-date way to accessorize with magenta is in your hosiery or footwear. Deeply pink tights or trouser socks will put the spice into your fall wardrobe immediately! Check out our new wool coating for that great pink coat you can't buy in stores!


Always a classic, red is a fantastic fall color. In 2007 it's the perfect accent to black and grey. The Italian designer, Valentino, has been known for his shade of classic red for decades. It's not too orange and not too blue. Every woman can wear red; you just need to know how to find the right shade for you. If you have a warm skin tone, look for warmer reds. If your skin tone is cool, look for bluer reds. A great black outfit looks like a million bucks with a little red lipstick!



Accessorize yourself!

Accessories are an important wardrobe update for the fall. Those beautiful browns you love to wear can get an update with the right accessories. Tights are back in vogue, and I, for one, am thrilled! The style of tights popular this season harkens back to the 1980's with bold pattern and color. Have a little fun with a new texture or color on your legs with your basic brown or black footwear. On the flip-side, wear a pair of inky black tights with red pumps. On the more conservative side, grey shoes with the blackest black tights would look fabulous, too.


Scarves are a winter necessity. This season, wear one of the really large printed scarves with accents like fringe and beads on the edges. Take a scarf that's at least 36'' square and fold it in half. Wrap it round your neck and create a loose cowl neck. The more ethnic the scarf looks, the better. Thick, knitted scarves and wraps are also very fashionable and quite practical. The chunkier the knit is the warmer and more fashionable you'll be.


Handbags are the new status symbol. The designer bags have become quite outrageous not only in price, but also in size. If you are looking for a bag that is on trend for fall, but is not large enough to carry a small wardrobe, try a clutch. Once again, we hearken back to the 1980's for the oversized clutch bag. This kind of clutch holds more than a credit card and lipstick. You can carry everything you need for work in this compact bag. For shopping ease, get a clutch with a slim strap to attach to each end. Look for envelope styles with great hardware in patent leather or leather.


Don't be scared and don't hold back.


The Fabric of our Lives

September 19, 2007

Thumbnail image for Nancy-n-Ann.jpg

A few years back my best friend Ann purchased a furnished "rental" condo in a resort area on the South Carolina coast. While the place had good bones, it was blah, blah, blah. Think basic furnishings, sparse accents, no window treatments...just no personality. Our mission was to turn this place into a cozy nest without breaking the bank account. We purchased new bedding, lamps, accessories and fabrics.  We set out on a six hour drive to begin a two day makeover. While Ann got busy hanging pictures and arranging things, I got busy with the fabric. First up for me...drapery panels. I used a plaid promotional dupioni silk. Wow, they instantly brightened and added life to the room!  Next, it's on to decorative throw pillows. I really wanted to pull all the colors from the plaid silk throughout the room.  Accent pillows are such a quick way to accomplish just that. My last significant project, and the one I am most proud of, is that I covered a headboard. I had no confidence that I could pull this off. As it turns out, it was so simple!  All I did was lay batting, then stretch and staple the fabric. Bye, bye boring old headboard!  I wish I would have known it was going to be this easy.  I am sure I could have used Fabri-tac to add some cute embellishments!PICT0130.jpg


PICT0127.jpg PICT0126.jpg PICT0121.jpgWe are so proud of our quick makeover. It must have turned out well because I have not yet been able to claim my free week...The place is always rented!  I have 2 projects under way right now that I am excited about.  Vicki is going to help me because these are more detailed. Hope to have them ready by my next blog entry!

Ciao for now!




Quilting: Picking Out Your Fabrics

September 17, 2007

Batiks.jpg How to pick out your own fabrics? This can be a challenge for most of us as there are so many choices. My favorite fabrics are batiks. Check out our site for a wide variety of Batiks.  

The choices are endless and no two pieces of the same fabric are the exact same. They make wonderful quilts and wall hangings sure to catch anyones eye. Remember this is going to be your quilt, and the choices are wholly up to you and it needs to be pleasing to you not necessarily to anyone else. Decide if you want the quilt or wall hanging to blend with a room's décor or do you want it to stand out and be seen.

For most of us the hardest part of beginning a project is picking out the fabrics to achieve you vision. Never be afraid to ask the help or opinion of the staff that work in the shops or to call customer service, as they are there to help and assist you. Larger chain stores that have a fabric department are less likely to have knowledgeable people working in that specific department but true quilting shops do have the personnel to assist you and are more than willing to help share their knowledge with you. If you still are having trouble one sure way to find something that works for you is to find a collection that you like. (Check out the Just Arrived section of the web site). With a collection you usually find not only a focus fabric, but also coordinates and blenders that all are in the same color hue so that they look great together. As your skill increases so will you ability to make color choices for your projects.


ASST-red.jpg Side note from Tara: Check out our quilting assortments here and here, put together with Kathy's own hands.

Note #2 from Stephen

September 14, 2007

Let me share a few cute stories with you from our "early days". Starting with my next entry, I am going to do something a little bit different. We see vendors very regularly. I am going to photograph some of our buying session so you can both see our crew "in action" and also see some of the fabulous new products we are buying currently and which you will see in the coming months. Now back to my cute stories.

Story #1 - Laurie Comes to Work - As I shared with you in my last entry, we reached a point fairly early on when we knew we were not simply trying to liquidate an old business and go out of business, but we were going to get into the on-line fabric retail business. That's a great decision to make in the abstract, but how do you impliment it when you have virtually no staff. The first major cog in our new machine turned out to be.... Laurie.

A friend of mine owned a company that had a staffing agency as a component. He was looking for some part time help for me. At the time, we occuppied what we thought was a large space with about 15 offices, although all of them except mine were empty. One morning a hear the front door chime go off and a women's voice calls out, "Hello. Is anyone here?" So I yell back, "just follow that telephone cord down the hallway and it will lead you to my office." In walks an attractive young lady who introduces herself as Laurie. She tells me she has just left her full-time job and isn't really looking to work full-time right now, but would be happy to pick up a few hours as a temp. I tell her that is great because we are just trying to start this new business and I am not sure I have the money to pay her for more than a few hours a week anyway. I tell her to pick out one of the empty offices and we'll get started. From that day forward, I don't think she has ever worked less than a 40+ hour week. She came in and immediately started creating systems for running our business (She is very good at creating systems). Over the years, she went from helping in credit card charging and fulfillment (we all cut fabric back then), to creating and managing our Customer Service Department to her position today as our Marketing Director. In truth, she is much more than our Marketing DIrector. She is a visionary who has helped shape the direction and face of our company. I will never forget the day she followed the telephone cord down the hall to my office.

Story #2 - Sausage in the Box and Frozen Fabric- In the early days (Years 1 & 2) we bought "clearance boxes" from a box distributor. These were brand new boxes that some company never used and which we could buy very inexpensively. They always had something printed on the outside like "Bathroom Tissue" or "Jimmy Dean Sausage". One day we get a call from an irrate customer. She just received her fabric and it "reaks of the smell of sausage." Not only that, her "entire kitchen smells of sausage" & "How dare we send fabric out in a used sausage box." So I explained to her that we did NOT ship the fabric in a used sausage box, but that we bought brand new boxes that had various company's names printed on them. At first she did not believe me. Then I asked her, "you say your entire kitchen smells like sausage? Is it possible you cooked sausage for breakfast this morning?" Well, you know how that story ends. I think she is a good customer today.

The next "box" story starts with an irrate call from a customer telling me that we had charged her credit card, but never sent her fabric. She thought we were scam artists. So I tracked her package with UPS and it showed that her husband had signed for the package several days earlier. I asked her to check with her husband when he came home that night. The next day she called to say, with some embarrasment, that she had found the box of fabric. Printed on the outside of the box were the words "Perishable - Keep Frozen". Turns out that after her husband signed for the fabric, he put the box in the freezer as he thought he was supposed to do.

Needless to say, now that we have our own FABRIC.COM printed boxes, we do not have those humorous episodes any more.

ENTRY #3 - Goodbye to Kristl and Hello to Karen - One of the people you have heard me speak about repeatedly over the years is Kristl Pelz. For 6 years she has been our Senior Merchant and Buyer. She started with us when we had a limited vision of the types of inventory we should carry, and she single-handedly expanded my view of what you, our customers, wanted us to offer. Without Kristl, we would not have grown to be the company we are today. About a month ago, she came to tell me she was leaving. She wanted to start her own business selling the craft items that she has such a passion for making. While that was both sad and scary, she helped us find her replacement and is helping us through the transition. We have hired a terrific individual by the name of Karen Howard. She joins us with an incredible background both in internet technology and fabric. She is dynamic, enthusiastic, and will do a terrific job! Please join me in welcoming Karen to the family.

I could go on forever with stories, but I think this is a good dose for today. Look for my upcoming blog posts as we meet with our vendors and review new products.

Thanks, Stephen

Quilting Seeds

September 12, 2007

Hello, I am Victoria Bryant.  I am fortunate to work in's Customer Service Department.  I work with customers everyday to achieve their fabric visions.

This is my philosophy- All people create.  At one time or another, we want to create something with our hands. Your  medium could be cooking, gardening, painting, yarn craft ( knitting,crocheting), wood working or sewing.  Women, of course, do several of these. If sewing is your creative tool, it is not dirty,not fattening, and the results are long lasting.

My love is quilting. Cotton is the fabric of my life. I credit my grandmother with sowing the quilting seeds. As a child, I remember her creating templates from Kleenex boxes, and carefully cutting her fabrics from cast off clothing.  She would create her quilt tops during the summer. I knew it was Fall, not only by the weather, but by Grandmother setting up her huge wood quilting frame.  She would handquilt several tops in a season. I cannot see a Kansas City Star quilt pattern without thinking of my Grandmother. Even now I have one of her quilts lying at the foot of my bed.  The colors are still bright even though the fabrics are slightly worn.  It comforts me in times of crisis, to pick out the scraps of  my sisters's dresses. It is time for me to start sowing some seeds of my own.  In honor of my grandmother and the Halloween season,  I have created a very simple "Trick or Treat" bag. I used the Scaredy Cat charm pack from Moda. Any fall themed fabric would work such as Acorn Hollow. These also could be used for potpourri .  We have some great fall selections available at his time. This is a great use for charm packs.  Many customers ask what to do with charm packs.  That will be a future topic. I hope that this very simple project will get someone started quilting.  The treat bags are very simple. No cutting involved.  Select 2 charms. Place wrong sides together and sew 3 sides creating a bag to fill with candy or your choice of items for those special trick or treaters.



September 10, 2007

  For us crafty folk Halloween is fast approaching and those flimsy costumes sold by the mega-marts just aren't going to cut it for our loved ones. With the candy filled, costume wearing, pumpkins twinkling day rapidly upon us, you might want a little help. I have scanned the blogs, craft sites and local craft stores to bring you ideas that are fun, easy, and full of Halloween Spirit.

B6630.jpgThis is my costume for this year! My choice is due to my love of Pride and Prejudice (Hello, Mr. Darcy!) and Anne of Green Gables (Thank you Librivox). I needed Puffy Sleeves like I need chocolate. The fabrics called for in this pattern are:



Coat- Velvet or Brocade (I choose our Oriental Brocade in Peony Gold)



Dress A-Satin or Broadcloth (I am going to use our Sweet Heart Satin in Antique Gold




Here is a delightful halloween project by Martha Stewart that can easily be adapted for Tulle, Cotton Gauze or Handkerchief Linen depending on your color choices. All would make great Ghosts! 






Ay-476.jpg S3597.jpgOne of my favorite book series is Harry Potter. I know alot of kids out there who would like nothing better than to be their favorite wizard or witch for Halloween. This is a great Invisibility cloak or dress robe pattern for your kids. My fabric picks for this are our Sparkle Velour (to which I have referred to as Wizard Wear since it hit our warehouse) or Stretch Velvet. Both are machine washable. 

pumpkin pincushion.jpg
Another decorative project I am anxious to start because of great expectations to be so festive is a Pumpkin Garland made from these Pincushions. They would make perfect pumpkins. I plan on draping them around my front door and over my fireplace. I learned a little trick from Heather Bailey's Pear Pincushion stems. She rolls up a piece of felt whip stitches is loosely, tugs the strand to get a good bend and then stitches the stem to the pincushion. This would be a great addition to turn these pincushions into happy pumpkins. My pattern choices are a toss up between Moda Fall Back in Time and Scaredy Cat Fat Quarters. Maybe Both! 


Best Broad Dress.jpg

I am really excited to get started on all of the above projects, but at the moment I am finishing up my dress for my brother's wedding. He is getting married in Savannah, Ga on the 16th of this month! I am his best man AKA Best Broad! The dress is drafted from my own pattern and so far it is turning out better then I could imagine. Here is my inspiration picture. The finished project will have thicker straps and not as low cut but equally as sassy! (please excuse my primative photoshopping). I am using Linen because it will still be warm/hot so far south. I do not want to sweat and the drape from linen is just perfect for this casual wedding. I was originally leaning toward our Cotton Sateen but given the temperature range in Savannah in September, I decided on linen to catch any breeze (fingers crossed on a nice breeze, please!) It would also be great in seersucker for more a casual or any of our Bridal Fabrics for a more formal look. I love this look because it is a fitted up top and has a gathered empire waist, which means....I CAN EAT! So awesome and very important. I will be sure to update later with picture of the finished dress in our gallery
Update on embroidered ottoman cover. The move is on the 17th so whenever I can take a break from packing, I am working on it and my dress. However, so far I have measured and cut. No embroidery to date. Apologies but it looks great in my head! 





Nancy's First Posting

September 7, 2007


Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Nancy Hartness and I work in our wholesale division.   My customers include the interior design community and many different types of  "cottage" manufacturers.  I am constantly inspired by their terrific ideas and their wonderful creations. Working for has been a fabulous experience for me.  You see my previous work experience was selling fabric and wallcoverings to the commercial interior design industry and after 15 years I was ready to move on. I am lucky to be a long time personal friend of Stephen and I began working here on a contract basis while I was caring for my aging mother.  I now have the pleasure of being here full time every day!

IMG_0501 copy1.jpg
Two things about me.  I love to travel and I love home décor projects! I am influenced by many of the places that I have visited and the evidence is all over my home. When it comes to my design philosophy I believe your surroundings should make YOU feel comfortable and that fabric quickly changes the ambiance of any room.  Mixing and matching lots of different styles, textures and trends is what makes me tick. For example, I think our dupioni silk can be casual or it can be formal. Its all in the application! Don't be afraid to pair a trendy print with an heirloom or a traditional print with a sleek modern piece.  It's a quick and easy way to "freshen" any room's look.  My friend and fellow blogger Vickie (who you will meet in the near future) claims that my home is European eclectic. I just call it home.

IMG_14061.JPGMy specialty is quick and easy .  Sometimes this is good and sometimes it is just down right funny (show you in the future).  Because I am a huge fan of clip-on drapery rings and surrounded by's beautiful fabric, it is safe to say that I have more than one set of drapery panels for my favorite rooms. I am also a fan of  Fabric-Tac glue...I have never sewn a stitch of trim.   I appreciate all types of fabric design and, yes, my sewing room is piled high with fabric just waiting to be turned into something fabulous!    

In the attached photos you will see what adorns my family room right now. Next to that is my dining room...Trim on the slipcovers not quite done yet (will be glued on of course) but maybe by next posting. I am thinking bullion fringe...

Ciao for now!



P.S. That's Dupioni Silk in the Dining Room and Dupioni Silk Check in the Dining Room.  


Lauren - Merchandiser & Interior Design

September 4, 2007

"Design Inspirations" is what I would like to call  "my little corner" of the blog!  Years ago (that makes me sound very old) in college, my design instructor would say "what excites you, what gives you inspiration?"  It may be an object such as a lamp, a pillow or favorite photograph that has inspired you, therefore introducing the design for an entire room.

Color is truly my inspiration, my passion and my tranquility.  My strengths in merchandising and design have allowed me to have my own business out of my home at first and in 1984 opening a shop in Northern Illinois.  My wonderful husband and I have four amazing children, a son and three daughters.  We are also very blessed with seven grand children, who I miss desperately as I am here in Atlanta and they are in Illinois.  You ask why am I not with them?  For now I will tell you although it is very difficult, I have the most wonderful job working at!  This allows me the luxury of  working with extremely talented people, not to mention the fabrics, the creativity and yes,  COLOR!   I, like Tara, do the imaging and merchandise the fabric collections in the "store".  One of my favorite fabrics to image is the dupioni silk, the colors are gorgeous and I even get to name them!  So if you see some "far out" names that would be Lauren at work!

In later posts I would love to share with you new fabrics, colors, decorations for the holidays and much much more, including our Home Decor Coordinates category.  This category is where I gather fabrics in different designs and textures, lay them all out, personally coordinate them and present them in collections. This will enable you to feel confident that what you see in the coordinate collections has been personally selected to represent beautiful ensembles. I look forward to any questions or comments you might have or any inspirations you would like to share. Until next time I leave you with this picture of "Sir Jaxon Jacob", Jax for short!  Not only is he hilarious, he is great comfort!  Maybe you can guess one of my favorite colors.......
Jaxon Jacob.jpg

Lauren Neuffer

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