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Kathy's First Entry

August 22, 2007

Quilting is my game, and Kathy is my name. I am Merchandising Assistant for Kristl here at Fabric.com. We all know that Fabric.com is a fabric warehouse where a quilter of any age or stash size would pay them to work here. In fact, my husband tells everyone that I would have paid Stephen to let me work here. I had been a customer on the website for a number of years and came to their twice yearly warehouse sales when I got the opportunity to work here. I walked around in a daze for days because of the sheer size of the warehouse. Rows and rows of shelves and tubes filled with fabric that I could put my hands on pick up or just run my fingers across. Hal, in Customer Service, laughs and says that I am one of their best customer as I average bringing home one order a week since I started working here.

What have I been doing with all that fabric you ask? Well, I've been taking classes at a local quilt shop. I am a firm believer that no matter your skill level you should take the time to go to a class or two when they are available to you. Classes educate us in the techniques necessary to create our quilts. We learn new techniques; or refine a technique that has been a difficult to flesh out on your own. Always remember you are never to old to learn something new and classes are a great resource for us all.

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