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August 15, 2007

Welcome to fabric.com's web log. This will be a place for you to find information about our personal sewing adventures, fabrics and products, our staff and our company. We intend to update our blog three days a week. We have ten contributors on staff, including Stephen, who are anxious to lend their voices and their ideas. We hope to bind our community of sewers even closer by re-energizing the discussion board and the gallery as well. We hope you find this a weekly stop when you have a moment to think about something fun, something you're passionate about, or just something to distract you from a hectic day. We'll see you Friday. Kristl

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Hi to everyone at the fabric blog!
I enjoyed reading all these entries very much.

My name is Kathryn and I'm a full time (early) retired home-maker and young grandmother.
Recently, I've found a wonderful way to use my sewing/quilting skills and I know there are others who do this with larger, national sewing groups by contributing quilt patches, whole quilts, baby layettes, etc. to be given to those in need.

Here's an idea for those of you who may not be big "joiner" types, have time limitations, and want to try helping others with your sewing skills: May I suggest that you can still contribute your lovingly made fabric items to local women's shelters? If you are near a church,they are almost always in contact with people who need nicely made baby or children's clothing items. Ask around: someone will appreciate your work! Another idea: Hospitals sometimes like single-bed size quilts-perhaps check with a hospital or hospice nearby to see if they take new, donated bed quilts and the exact sizes they might need. (Hospital beds: think long and narrow, not queen size!)
If you are just beginning to sew or quilt, there are many pre-quilted backings and all you have to do is get an identical sized second piece of soft fabric, put right sides together, sew most of the way around, turn them back to the right side, finish with a few hand stiches, and voila'-you have a nice padded floor mat for an infant. I made these for my grand-daughter with small - medium squares of multi colored fabric, before she was born and she now loves them for doll blankets. When she was little, they made great diaper changing pads and they are fun and easy and quick to make.
So many people appreciate home-made sewn items, and whenever I buy fabric, I remind myself to buy just a little extra, because just a few squares of fabric here and there can make a wonderful gift for someone who really needs it.
When a local, very large national store announced it would close its fabric dept, lots of my friends were worried. I reminded them to check out fabric.com, and every time I've purchased material from them, I have been delighted!
Bless you for a chance to share ways to help others.

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