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Tara Miller- Merchandiser

August 17, 2007

blog photo.jpgHello- my name is Tara Miller and I am a merchandiser here at Fabric.com. Let me tell you a little about my job and then fill you in on me!

As a merchandiser, my job is basically to make the fabric look pretty so you when you see it on the site, you want it. Its much like the window dressers in Macy's on 5th Avenue. I commonly refer to this as "fancying about with fabric". When we receive our shipments of fabric in our warehouse, our receivers slice off a fair chunk and send it up to our offices for the merchandising team to process. This process consists of scanning the fabric to the best of its ability, photoshopping (slight wrinkles and adjusting colors) and entering all the info you see on the product page as well as arranging all the fabrics on the webpage. This means when you click on a collection you see order, color and prints, not a jumble. Processing one collection takes the better part of the day from when it hits my desk to when it gets into the store for you to purchase. The merchandising team consists of: Kristl Pelz (AKA Boss), Lauren Neuffer, Kathy Wallace and me.

Now about me: I am 28, a Yankee and love to make everything. I learned to cook and sew from my Mom. She made a fair amount of my clothes growing up and I have so great memories of picking out buttons with her at our local fabric store (I love buttons). I have been sewing off and on for 18 years. I never really took it seriously until 5 years ago. My first project was a rather complicated flapper costume for a friend. It turned out really well. I am also a self-taught knitter for 2 years and a somewhat crotchetier. I started with crochet and when my squares turned into trapezoids, I decided that maybe 2 sticks were in order. I quickly become addicted to knitting. I, like the greater number of computer savvy crafters, have a blog,
www.gruenetree.com, where I post projects, pictures, tips and everything that won't fit here. I spend most of my free time (when my nose is not stuck in a book) making something, sewing or knitting. I also have 3 dogs and 1 cat (who thinks she is a dog) all rescued. I have a degree in History, worked in accounting and started at Fabric.com in February.

    uc-610.jpgI have a passion for fabric and Quilting Cotton is my favorite. I have not yet attempted a quilt, though some are on the horizon. I love to wear cotton; take a look at what I have already created from our quilting cotton.  The patterns you find in quilting cotton cannot be matched in typical apparel fabric, just check out our Retro & Mod section for some great prints. However, at the moment I am most excited about the Faux Leather that just went in the store yesterday;my favorites are the Celestial Blue (pictured) and Kiwi. I think this would be perfect for recovering garage sale chairs I plan to hunt this fall, headboards, pillows, or footstools. I will be sure to posts all pictures of my future Faux Leather projects in my album in our Gallery and announce them here.    

I look forward to getting to know you all as Fabric.com and this blog grows. I have many great ideas and events planned for this blog and am very excited to share them with our customers.

Tara Miller

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History, accounting, merchandizing, sewing, knitting.....I'd say you are a well-rounded person! Since you love sewing, you'll love quilting. I too have sewn since I was in junior high but the creativity of quilting has captured me for life! Once you try it, you'll be hooked. Just one question -- does any of your paycheck follow you home or is it all in fabric? LOL

I can tell I'm going to really enjoy the fabric.com blog. I loved reading how the company began, tried to die and then came back to life again, and I enjoyed your post as well. (I'm going to go back now and click on all of your links.) Just reading your post makes me realize that as much as I love being surrounded by fabric, I could NOT work there. I would NEVER make any money due to spending it all. And thank you for the great pictures of the fabric you put on the site!

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