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August 24, 2007

Hello again, Seeing as this is my second post and I have already introduced myself, I thought I would spread the word on the main reason I am here and doing what I love. Fellow bloggers, brace yourself for the introduction, I can be long winded. About 3 Christmases ago, my mom gave me a Teach Yourself to Crochet book and I tried, I really did. Cut to the chase... (as you previously read) crochet did not work out and I started knitting. Since I am familiar with Google and that you can learn anything on the internet, I started surfing for knitting patterns, tips and mostly videos. One of my first hits was Silvia's knitblog (deceptively named as she sews just as much), and the beginning of my star-crossed love affair with Amy Butler. See, Silvia had posted progress pictures of her Amy Butler Weekender Bag, and it was love at first site. I began to sew again. From there it was a downward spiral from which I have yet to emerge. I was helped along the way, and continue to receive support, from the following blogs that I want to share with you. I hope that others may find inspiration and encouragement to sew and create with fabric.


  • Kris- Monkey Foot Designs: Kris sold me my first Amy Butler pattern and fabric and always answered my sewing questions.
  • Jen- Beebee Mod: Fellow Yankee and makes the cutest kid clothes
  • Erica Bunker- Erica B's DIY Style: If you want to know the latest trend, check here first. She has probably already made it!
  • Tuesday- Done by Tuesday: A big fan of Japanese crafting, I won my first contest on Tuesday's blog!
  • Last but not Least, Stacy- Stacy Sews: If ever there was an understatement, it is the name of Stacy's blog. It should at least have an under title like "Stacy, master of fabric, it jumps to do her bidding while she sits on her fabric throne she made herself and will be more than happy to share with you her tips". But most important she is a Jayhawk!


So these are just a few of my favorite blogs, I will share more as I discover them and hope that they make you just as happy as they make me.


On the fabric front I am super excited about all the new Home Decor fabrics we have in stock: Taffeta in the best colors, P Kaufmann and loads of new Promotional Dupioni Silk . I moving into my new house in a few weeks, so of course I have an eye out for couches, chairs, pillows and curtains. As much as I would love to cover my house in Amy Butler's Nigella, I am married and must reign in the color explosion that I envision. As a compromise I am thinking these fabrics: Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for bb-497.jpg Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for bb-493.jpg Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for DPSR-009.jpg Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for DPSR-061.jpg Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for UR-361.jpg Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for UR-920.jpg Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for UR-919.jpg Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for UC-491.jpg Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for WV-253.jpg Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for UB-820.jpg                  While I can reign it in, I cannot ignore my color compulsion completely. I will be sure to keep you all up to date with house decoration progress right here and with pictures in the gallery. Next up, Muslin Ottoman cover with hand embroidered redwork!

Tara Miller

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How do I get the template for the flowers? enjoyed ur blog

This post gave me a very good idea. Thanks for the inspiration

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